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  1. dude you can just wait 3 days without spending any manure on the plot and itll grow.
  2. pffff. when one spawns I always wait until night and kill him when he sleeps. way easier.
  3. yeah , thats okay. I have no problem with that in particular. but theres more than that and the favors are sometimes way different. ive seen enough fame-hungry journalists that just give games positive reviews (no matter if they think it deserves it) to get more acces like you mentioned. just to be one of the guys who knows more. its just that hearing about this and oher stuff that happens makes the big and famous people in that scene feel untrustworthy.
  4. I didnt accuse klei of not giving a demo. should written that more clearly :< and yeah, 16 minutes wasnt that much, I didnt feel like I really could grasp the way this game works within that time. so I pirated it to get a better feel of the way this game goes. same thing here, should written that more clearly. Ive yet to see a reviewer getting directly paid by the company to give a good score. but there were definitely certain "favors" on conventions etc. for people that gave positive reviews/coverage. alot of weird stuff has happened that led me to distrust big websites or people that review games. ive found a big article about that on kotaku, via google. not sure if its really worth reading through, but it adresses certain things that happened lately in the gaming journalism scene. click
  5. I prefer pirating a game first and buy it if I like it. Since Gamingcompanies became to lazy to release ANY KIND of demo in the last few years (seriously, is there any company that does this anymore? the latest demo I remember ever seeing was The Darkness 2 from 2011. and that one didnt even work for me.) this is almost needed to know if a game is good. you CAN NOT TRUST most media if it comes to games. even critics get paid for good scores most of the time, even if the game doesnt deserve that high praise. AC3 is one of the best recent examples. the fact that no critic I watch/read addressed the broken nature of the PC version is just..ugh...that said: I pirated Dont Stave. I loved it and bought it the next day.
  6. wouldnt it be smarter to report it as a bug in the bugtracker?
  7. no point. just something to look at. you could say its an indicator that youre close to dying. I like the idea, though im not quite sure if it would really fit.
  8. im hoping for alot stuff that makes game harder and/or easier. krampus instantspawn? if hes still in the state hes now it would only make the game easier krampus-farming!
  9. developers hinted at "unbalanced" modes once you play through the yet unimplemented Storymode.
  10. well the game is supposed to be hard.this is kind of like saying "Super Meatboy/Binding of Isaac is too hard! I want to play it for relaxation!". I think theres no need for another gamemode. If you dont want to have consequences from death, either build meat effigies or "cheat" by making backups of your savefiles.
  11. this gives a resolution to the meat effigy forest problem. anyways: love the idea. just dont let all my food spoil when I go out to farm some poop :<
  12. it takes roughly 2 days for eggs and only 1 night for the birds to respawn. At least in my world. I have 4 nests a few steps from my base to the right and the left. Ive don it multiple times where i can jsut go between these and farm endless eggs and meat.
  13. completely on oras side. it doesnt add anything to the game and would even fit its theme. This suggestions sound more like you stole that idea from another game or movie you recently played/watched.
  14. #2 sounds pretty good. other two..meh. As CptKnuckles said, #1 would make the game TOO hard early, and #3 is just unlogical. I mean, youre ona deserted Island, its not like you *should* have a choice in what to eat. the character cant be picky about that.