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In Defence of Trail Mix

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As a outdoorsy type of person myself, I eat my fair share of trail mix. In my own experience, it fills you up pretty well (if nessesary) and it stays good for a very long time.

What I want to know, is is there some hidden benefit to taking the time to make trail mix in this? You need pretty specific items, and it doesn't fill you up much. I would be perfectly happy if it lasted for a decently long amount of time, but it doesn't. Is there some reason for making this that I'm unaware of?

For now I'm assuming it was simply for variety and something cool to make (you can almost pretend that this is all just a big camping trip).

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@TheTraditionalGentleman, it actually lasts a decent amount of time. I usually store my food items in snow chester or and ice pack so...


Is there some reason for making this that I'm unaware of?

It's a healing food item. Easy to make in autumn where you chop down a fully-grown birch tree and you get 2, plant one and find another one. If you're lucky/unlucky (depending on how you see it), a Birch Tree would come alive, and you can battle Birchnutters for twigs and birch nuts. Berries abound in Deciduous forests too.

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trailmix =
test = function(cooker, names, tags) return names.acorn_cooked and tags.seed and tags.seed >= 1 and (names.berries or names.berries_cooked) and tags.fruit and tags.fruit >= 1 and not tags.meat and not tags.veggie and not tags.egg and not tags.dairy end,
priority = 10,
foodtype = "VEGGIE",
perishtime = TUNING.PERISH_SLOW,
cooktime = .5,


  1. it's really hard to discover
  2. only good for recovering health (30)
  3. lasts almost all winter (15 full days if fresh)

Generally speaking: meh.

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