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Playing with Wes, Bugs(?) and Shenanigans Ensue

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So I heard the Most Beloved Mime in the History of Gaming (I dare you to name a more beloved mime in games O__O) made a comeback so I had to test him out... and what better stage than an Endless Server (500+) in Summer!!


I heard his Pin Wheel can cool you down...  but you have to run to get a breeze...


So when I entered the world:



I immediately assumed resources would be scarce... there's an abundance of skeletons which is nice... but then I can't "read" what happened to them because "silent mime" which was... well he is a mime so let's leave it at that...


I then went tree hopping and managed to find the razed pig village...



What perplexed me most is not the razed houses... but this pig, who exited the now burned down house (bug?)


Also, as a ghost, I'm able to blow balloons, I don't know if it is intended or not but it was amusing nonetheless... (<--- I didn't know it could be written as one word)


I died because I couldn't find any twigs let alone any saplings still in pristine condition in the summer heat... so didn't get to test out the Pin Wheel...


(P.S. I don't know where to post this... in the bug reports or tales of life and death... so I split the difference and posted it here in the General Discussion section... sorry if I got it wrong again)



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Also, I noticed that Wes has an INCREDIBLE yet possibly unintended use!! Ghost players find it incredibly difficult to walk through a wall of balloons. So I threw together a quick combination of walls and balloons and soon enough I had a pretty effective wall that only really worked on ghosts! 


Wes may be hardmode but no ghosts will be burning my base down this winter! (I can only imagine how useful this would be as Maxwell, if he keeps his sanity regen when he is released) 


So there ya go, I'm still toying with the design since ghosts pop balloons when haunted but the one I have now is doing it's job at keeping one ghost out, however I doubt it would hold up against two or more. (I'm thinking I should try to place Pile O' Balloons at key points in the wall that would force ghosts to make more balloons...) 

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