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Creating a character in Don't Starve Together without owning Don't Starve?

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So i recently purchased Don't Starve Together with the intention of solely playing with friends. lots of my friends own it and play it, and i decided i wanted to make my own character to play as when we play together. The problem is that every tutorial i looked up wants me to install Don't Starve Mod Tools from the Steam tool page in my library. I, however, did not purchase the single player Don't Starve when i bought DST, and therefore i do not have the tools that the threads and videos refer to. this makes me very sad as i really want to make a character i can call my own, but that wall prevents me from doing so :( does anyone know what i can do?


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@Kudurak, should be fixed now. There was a new store package that was missing the mod tools. I've added them now and you should see the Mod tools within your Steam Tools library. Give it about an hour to propagate through Steam's networks and restart Steam if the tools don't initially appear.


Let me know if your problem persists. Good luck and happy modding!

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