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  1. I can not place Mod`s on the game.

    Heya! You actually want to be using mods from the Steam Workshop in DST. Generally they are better supported/maintained by the creator, as well, only Workshop mods are able to be downloaded automatically when someone joins your server.
  2. Bug with a collector's item

    If you fail to see the item in your inventory, please try deleting your Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_save\inventory_cache file and then restarting the game. You should also be able to see it in your Steam Inventory.
  3. Bug with a collector's item

    Yup, looks okay, I see the blue pajama pants in your inventory.
  4. Thanks for reporting the issue. We've tracked down the root cause of the service interruptions and everything should be back to normal now.
  5. Enabling mods not working

    No problem. Glad we were able to track it down!
  6. Enabling mods not working

    Yeah looks like you don't have access to write to your user directory. You'll want to follow the instructions pertaining to setting persistent_storage_root on this page."unable-to-write-to-config-directory"-error-message
  7. Enabling mods not working

    It also looks like your game is having difficulty writing to your user directory. You may want to try following the steps here."unable-to-write-to-config-directory"-error-message
  8. Enabling mods not working

    Can you try creating a new world without mods? It's possible that one of your mods is causing the corruption you're seeing.
  9. Enabling mods not working

    I see a few issues in your log. Are you able to create a new world?
  10. Enabling mods not working

    Can you post your client_log.txt file after you crashed. It should be located in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether.
  11. Enabling mods not working

    The first thing you'll want to try is verifying your game cache. Follow the instructions in the first section here.
  12. Disconnected due to missing mods.

    Can you try following the steps on this support portal page?
  13. lol @TheKingDedede, what did you say before?
  14. Did you click on the tablet on the bottom left?
  15. Can you post your Steam account name, or post your client_log.txt file? And I'll take a look.