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Charlie's ghost isn't working properly!

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So ugh. I'm more of an artist than a coder and have been having a few problems...




This is one of 'em. I've been using the esctemplate and haven't messed around with anything in the spriter file (she actually turns up fine in that), yet every time I use her in the game I get... that. I've tried deleting the anim file and having autocompiler make it over and over, but for some reason nothing seems to work. Any idea what's going on?

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@AmaLee, adjust the default pivot position of the eyes in spriter until they line up where you want them. The autocompiler uses the default pivot position to place builds properly.




ghosts have their own eyes in the ghosttemplate in the exported folder, just edit their image so they fit.


Alright, thanks guys! I'll give these both a try. Wish me luck!

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