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  1. @Kzisor, really? even the equippable handslot tutorial, that seemed like the best tutorial of its kind? iam kinda glad i still found it in my downloadfolder, but still...
  2. @Kzisor, hey, what happened to the other minitutorials here?
  3. i hope that u actually do that. because u have again been too lazy to make it slowly and correctly, step by step
  4. if u do this, make sure to save the previous function of thoses players, and call them within your savefunction, or u will just overwrite existing savefunction, and for instance delete wendies sister like that^^ i hope u are aware that the function gets called everytime the server saves, for instance each new day. so the function u make, has to work correctly even while gameplay, so it should'nt matter anyway, when it's being called when u join the game. so i would rather call it a feature than a bug^^
  5. @mouse, they work, but some things like follower will already have been removed at that point. u can use OnDespawn then. just be aware that OnDespawn doesnt have access to the savedata yet, so u will have to save whatever u need into a variable on your character, and then save it via the savefunction. my mod kerrigan makes use of that to save her followers.
  6. @mejoao, cause u are using a DST mod in DS. DS doesnt have a chatinputscreen. DS and DST mods are not automatically compatible with each other, it can be a lot of work to make that happen. my kerrigan mod is dualcompatible for instance, and i have keyhandlers and stuff too.
  7. @Amalleus, so did u manage to make the error replicable now? also, try to comment out this line: inst.components.inventoryitem.imagename = "geralt_sword" if this doesnt fix it, attach the whole current version of the mod.
  8. @Orim, stop looking for other ****, this is the error: [00:00:28]: [string "../mods/Adralmech/scripts/prefabs/orim_hat...."]:20: attempt to index field 'talker' (a nil value) concerning this line, and this line alone: inst.components.talker:Say("Hey I said something!", 2.5,true) and this line crashes, just because u call it on inst, which is the item at that point, and all u have to do, is to call it for owner instead: owner.components.talker:Say("Hey I said something!", 2.5,true) ...
  9. @Tosh, dont forget to make the background transparent, and i hope u know that spriter for animating is included in the "dont starve mod tools"(install in steamlibrary->tools->"donst starve mod tools", find the tool in SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Mod Tools\mod_tools\Spriter\spriter.exe). so if u want to make the animation yourself, u should start animating a sketch of it, so u know how to split up the artwork for best results, before u do the final artwork. official spriter tutorials:
  10. @Orim, well, u are calling the talker-component for inst, which has a reference to the item at that point. but instead u want to call it for the owner. now have a close look around in that function, if there would be any variable, that looks like it would be holding the owner of the item.
  11. @Kelthin, u know that with the , creating the artwork is 99% of the work?
  12. @Kelthin, u know that with the , creating the artwork is 99% of the work?
  13. @Orim, because u are trying to make the item talk, not the owner.