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Rhymes With Play Dev Cast: Ep. 32 - Glutton Mod Rematch

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Where Is It?

On our official Twitch channel here:



Team Baguette:






Team Vito:






When Is It?

Thursday, April 16th at 3:30PM PDT. Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you:


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Because Wigfrid only eats meat. YOu'd want anyone who eats more than meat I'm guessing.

So? Wigfrid's armour and spear could potentially defeat a Wolfgang, if you're tactical. Same with Wickerbottoms, especially if Wickerbottoms don't have books yet ready to be made. I'd definitely choose Wigfrid in this. So far, I'd say what would make a very good team are the following 4 different characters:

Wickerbottom (books, especially the Sleepy time stories could be very deadly for the opponent)

Wolfgang (super strength with full or most of the hunger full)

Wigfrid (Got a ton of gold, twigs, rocks and fint and your team will be the best with mele close-distance fights. Plus she has x1.2 more strength and x1.2 absorpsion of damage dealt to her)

oody (Quick to chop trees, so wood won't be a problem. Plus going in a combat as Werebeever could be very fatal to the opponent)


So, streamers, I'd suggest you try to take this kind of team once Woody is out, this will probably be a much better team than having 3 Wickerbottoms in your team.

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