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Another simple simple question

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Straight to the point, when my client tries to create custom items with custom recipes(by a custom character), she does the action but the item is not made. As a host, I can create them no problem. Did they update something? I'm playing on ROG btw.


Heres a tidbit of it:


The item

local assets ={	Asset("ANIM", "anim/formredgem.zip"),    Asset("ATLAS", "images/inventoryimages/formredgem.xml"),	Asset("IMAGE", "images/inventoryimages/formredgem.tex"),}local prefabs = {	"redgem",}-- Still does nothing. Dunno what it should do...local function fn(Sim)	local inst = CreateEntity()	inst.entity:AddTransform()	inst.entity:AddAnimState()    MakeInventoryPhysics(inst)	inst.entity:AddTransform()	inst.entity:AddAnimState()	inst.entity:AddSoundEmitter()    inst.entity:AddNetwork()    	inst:AddTag("formredgem")	    if not TheWorld.ismastersim then        return inst    end		inst.entity:AddLight()    inst.Light:Enable(true)    inst.Light:SetRadius(1)    inst.Light:SetFalloff(.6)    inst.Light:SetIntensity(0.9)    inst.Light:SetColour(231/255,49/255,62/255)		inst.entity:SetPristine()         inst.AnimState:SetBank("formredgem")    inst.AnimState:SetBuild("formredgem")    inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle", false)	    MakeHauntableLaunch(inst)    inst:AddComponent("inspectable")		inst:AddComponent("stackable")	inst.components.stackable.maxsize = TUNING.STACK_SIZE_SMALLITEM			inst:AddComponent("perishable")	inst.components.perishable:SetPerishTime(TUNING.PERISH_ONE_DAY)	inst.components.perishable:StartPerishing()	inst.components.perishable.onperishreplacement = "redgem"	    inst:AddComponent("inventoryitem")	inst.components.inventoryitem.imagename = "formredgem"	inst.components.inventoryitem.atlasname = "images/inventoryimages/formredgem.xml"	    return instendreturn Prefab( "common/inventory/formredgem", fn, assets) 


A tidbit of the code recipe(In Modmain of course):

	local require = GLOBAL.requirelocal STRINGS = GLOBAL.STRINGSlocal resolvefilepath = GLOBAL.resolvefilepathlocal Ingredient = GLOBAL.Ingredientlocal RECIPETABS = GLOBAL.RECIPETABSlocal Recipe = GLOBAL.Recipelocal TECH = GLOBAL.TECHlocal formredgem_recipe = Recipe("formredgem",  {Ingredient("flint", 3),Ingredient("charcoal", 2),Ingredient("goldnugget", 1)}, RECIPETABS.ANCIENT, TECH.ANCIENT_TWO) 		formredgem_recipe.atlas = resolvefilepath("images/inventoryimages/formredgem.xml")		formredgem_recipe.tagneeded = true		formredgem_recipe.sortkey = -5000		formredgem_recipe.builder_tag ="ancient_builder"

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@rons0n, that is no longer how you create custom recipes. You should be using the AddRecipe function as PeterA has fixed it so that recipes using that method will no longer need to set the tagneeded to true or the sortkey.


You should be able to see rezecib's post which is stickied at the top of this sub-forum for more details about it. 


Edit: Seems rezecib has not updated his post with the new information.

Edit 2: UPDATE! Thanks to PeterA for finding this information for me to repost.

Quick update, this is what adding a new recipe will look like from your modmain now. You don't need to specify "bindingring.tex" though, that's optional, since we assume the image will be name .. ".tex"

AddRecipe("bindingring", {GLOBAL.Ingredient("goldnugget", 10), GLOBAL.Ingredient("moonrocknugget", 1)}, GLOBAL.RECIPETABS.MAGIC, GLOBAL.TECH.NONE, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, "images/inventoryimages/bindingring.xml", "bindingring.tex" )
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  • Developer
for finding this information for me to repost.


One thing to be clear here. This new method of adding recipes is limited to the RoG beta branch at the moment I believe.


Edit: oops, yeah, I see the top post saying this was in RoG.

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