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    Hi all,



 So I was digging up some graves with wickerbottom and dug up a "decimated tentacle" I right clicked it and wickerbottom said "I don`t know what to do with a decimated tentacle", so I searched it up on the wiki and it just kept going on about tentacle`s, big tentacle`s and baby tentacle`s and nothing about "decimated tentacle`s", So do any of you peeps know what this does?



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hm... Maybe some wise bunny wizard will brew a potion of youth with it? Or you can trade it to a pigman for eternal friendship? Or you can just sell it for a few bits of gold? Ask somebody who's got lots of contact with semi-intelligent creatures.

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Always thought there should be more uses for the gravedigger items than just trading for gold. 


Dessicated Tentacle + 2 Tentacle Spots (you know, the parts they reproduce with?) = Tentacle Seed

 - plant it, and it produces a few new tentacles like Wickerbottom's book


What would happen if you stuffed the Tiny Rocketship with some gunpowder, pointed it at something, and lit the fuse?


What would you get if you combined the Second Hand Dentures and a bunch of Hound's Teeth?


Gotta be better uses for some of these things.

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