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Hi your stories is where you give me an idea and i make it a story.



This ones for weirdobob


A tallbird's life


Bob opens his eye and ruffles his feathers, dewdrops fell as he shook,

'it must have rained last night'

he thought as he stood up, stretching his long legs. Bob started walking like he usually does, but something was different on his rounds. Foot steps in the mud, two sets. One was a tallbird; the claw marks were deep, maybe it was running. The other followed at great speed but Bob doesn't know what it is, He is worried about the other tallbird, and if it's OK.


He ponders for a minute, then decides to follow. He strolls along starting to think that he was just seeing things. Then a piercing sqwark! rids the air of silence and Bobs doutes. He jumps into action, charging towards the sound until he comes to a horrific sight. A tallbird lying on the floor with a bloody wing, and a short featherless thing standing next to the tallbird, it was holding a stick that had a sharp rock connected to it, that was covered in blood. The site filled Bob with rage, he screams a war cry and attacks the thing, the battle was short and ended with the thing running for its life.


'That's right run you heathen, how could anything do such a thing' thought Bob

“are you OK”he said to the injured tallbird.

“yes thank you. Your my tallbird in shining armour, I thought I was done for”

“that's OK, my names Bob what's yours?”

“I'm Lulu”

“what was that thing? And why did it attack you?”

“you don't know? It's a monster that's been killing tallbirds everywhere”Lulu said with fear in her voice.

“Do you want to stay with me? At least till your wing gets better”Bob said valiantly.

“thank you, that sounds wonderful.”

Bob and Lulu soon found that they had a lot in common, their feeling soon became more that just friendly, but that didn't tell each other till one fateful night. It is stormy night, rain beating down hard and fast on the two sitting on their nest, but they didn't mind. There feathers were thick and warm soon they both drifted off to sleep, Bob dreamed of a field of daisy's Lulu was there. She was saying something but Bob couldn't hear her. He ran closer and as he did thing set on fire and started to melt around him, Lulu was shouting



Bob wakes with a start. He coughs, smoke and fire is all around him the forest is alight.

'Oh no where's Lulu?'

“LULU!”Bob shouted as loud as he could

“HELP!”Lulu screamed in the distance,

Bob got up and rushed to find Lulu but it was hard the fire was fierce and so very hot, he wished he was somewhere else, but he pushed it from his mind thinking for Lulu instead. He came to a hill down below in a ring of fire was Lulu and the monster fighting, as he watched Lulu landed a scratch on the things arm but it retaliated with great strength, and Lulu collapsed her leg bleeding it was going in for the killing blow.


But before it could, Bob jumped on top pushing the monster to the ground, it stabbed the sharp rock into his body, feathers were ripped away in to the air. Bob falls the pain is great his vision blurs he closes his eye, he feels very sleepy but he can't give up now, he wrenches his eye back open and readies to fight again. The monster seems shocked and a bit scared to see Bob get back up, he feels something in his side the sharp rock and stick, he pulls it out and smashes it to piece with his powerful clawed foot. the thing turns and runs, as instead of a hunter he has become pray.

“AND NEVER COME BACK!”Bob yells as it runs

he ran over to Lulu,

“are you OK?”

“yes” she said breathing heavily.

“look, life is to short to waste, I love you ever since we first met I loved you.”

“me to”

“let's leave this place, and make a nest together” Bob said with a smile.

Lulu nodded, they walked of leaving the past burn.


Six months later, Bob is strolling along in his territory, it was spring the grass was lush, the bushes were full of berries, and birds were singing in the trees. He finally came to a nest, lulu is sitting in it

“hi sweetie, how are you feeling?”

“bit tired, but good other wise.”

“Where are the kids?”

“kids, dads home!”


three tiny black balls jumped at Bob

“Tom, Dave, Lunar calm down”

“OK daddy”

they jumped off and sat down,

“please tell us a story”they all sqwarked happily,

“OK OK I will tell you the story of how me and you mother met. It all starts with a title” Bob cleared his throat, and started

“A tallbird tall.....”


The End














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I would request a story of me, but that would be pretty boring since I'm a tree and can't really do anything.


This is really well written! I love it


hope you like


The life and death of guardian


The wind whistles through the sky high above the clouds, then it dives down through the trees rustling the twigs of a birds nest, 'what a wonderful sight' said Warack as he stood tall with his arms out stretched. A rabbit scurried along eating some grass here and there, then a loud crashed made it shot back down it to it's burrow, 'I wonder what that sound was. Oh well, it's to nice to worry about things like that' a bird flutters on to one of Warack's branches and tweets away happily, he takes a deep breath and exhales 'a trees life is simple but sweet.'

“Are you awake love” Warack asked

“yes, how are you?” said Mai lovingly

“I'm good,”

“isn't it such a nice day today?”

“it really is”

As they talked their branches seemed to hold on to each other, like a married couple would hold hands.


The day seemed to pass quickly, the sun was soon setting with a orange glow nearly disappearing behind the hill, the two were feeling sleepy and drifted of to sleep.

Warack was awakened by a strange sound he had never heard before, he looked around and to his horror Mai was screaming, something was chopping her down and there was nothing Warack could do.

“NO” he yelled

“Warack HELP”

he willed him self to move,jump,fall, anything



“NO MAI, DON'T LEAVE ME”Warack said sadly

“I love you wara..........”Mai cut of half way through


But there was nothing he could do, she fell to the ground vanishing in to logs, which the little male picked up and run off in to the woods with.


Warack's rage was great

“HAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGG how dare he, I swear I will kill him for what he has done”

as he said these words his body began to change, filling up with the rage he felt. His branches turned in to wooden arms, his legs did the same he looked at his newly formed hands and the sharp fingers they possessed,

“I'm coming for you little thing”

he said as he stomped off after the little male, Warack saw the sun rise above the hill again.


Later Warack's rage was less but still strong he wondered why, why Mai, a tear ran down his face and dropped on to the floor, as it did a flower a bloomed where it landed. This surprised him, he looked behind him, the forest had become more greener and lush where he had walked, Warack thought about this. He had heard tales of trees turning into Guardians, if something tragic happened around them, but he never thought it was true. He wished Mai was here to see this, that's when he remember what he was doing and continued stomping through the woods, with the anger welling back up inside of him.


Warack walked on until the sun begun to set once more, as the light dimmed he saw a glow in the next clearing he walked over to investigate. There was the little male sitting around a fire made from Mai's logs “how dare he, I will kill him.”

Warack roared with anger and stormed out, using his powerful hands to grab and started crushing the little male, he yelled out with pain but Warack didn't care, then he hears a scream and looking down he saw a small female.


“What am I doing?” he dropped the little male,

“I'm not a killer”

he looked sadly at the fire

“I love you Mai, and I know you would be ashamed of my actions I'm sorry.”

The little male looks at the fire and then at Warack, and says


Warack looks at him,

“I guess that was a friend of yours”

Warack nods

“I needed wood. We can't survive out here with out light, I was just trying to look after my family, look I hope this make it better”

he held a sapling out. 'Mai's sapling' the little male plants it,

“I'll help you look after if you want, friends pal?”

Warack smiles and feels all the anger leave him, his legs turn back to a stump and arms to branches, he stands tall and proud a normal tree once more.


Time pass, Warack and the little male and female are good friends now, there conversations are difficult Warack tended to listen, but they still enjoy each others company. The sapling they planted is growing bigger and stronger everyday, soon it's fully grown. Warack stands next to it napping, when he hears a voice he knows well,

“hi honey its me.”


The end

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I want a story request 8D


How about a story on what happened to the real world when Wilson and the others disappeared. Someone would be bound to search for them right? 8D


here you go


Wilson's disappearance


It's a dark and stormy day rain splashes down on to a man in black, he stands at a grave that reads 'RIP here lies, Wilson P. Higgsbury a scientist'

“I know this gave lies you are not dead.”

A crack of lighting slashes across the sky,

“your letter tells me so, you had just made the most exciting machine of your carer. You didn't like to leave your house. You hated the out side, so what happened?”

There is nobody else in the graveyard, Wilson didn't really keep friends. The man walks back to his automobile and gets in, he breaths deeply, he seems to be holding tears back.

“Hey! Pull your self together Tomas, you know he isn't dead, so where are you going to first to look for him?”

Tomas thought about what his friend did and how he worked.

“Well he would have needed materials, and it would have had to have been close to him.”


Tomas drives, soon he found somewhere that looked good. He parked up and entered, the store was filled with everything and anything a inventor would want or need. A old man behind a desk said

“bad weather we're having”

“indeed....Could I ask you some questions?”

“of course, what do you want to know”

“did a dark-haired man wearing a red vest by the name of Wilson, ever come in here?”

“yes all the time. He was one of my best customers, though he hasn't been in for a while”

“sorry to tell you, but he is presumed dead”

“really Wilson? But his newest machine, he said that it was a door but he wasn't sure if he wanted to use it”

“interesting, thank you”

“can I ask a question? Are you that famous Tomas Edison”

“yes I am”

Tomas bows, and leave the store 'I will go to his house, that's where the machine will be if it exist.'


Tomas drives, as he does the weather give up with the rain, and allows the clouds too part so the sun can peek through making shafts of light hit the ground. Tomas pulls over and walked up Wilson's dirt path, he lived out in the woods away from people 'he said it was so he could concentrate on his work but, I think it's because he got bored with the neighbors asking if he could fix there sinks'

Tomas chuckles to him self. The house comes into view, it looked a bit run down 'well Wilson was never good at upkeep' he opens the door, and strolls in.

“Wow Wilson you really under sold your work.”

Machines of all different sizes litter the floor, poisons and potions stack high on the shelves along with some dead animal hide, but it was very dusty some rats ran back to there home when Tomas opened the door.


Tomas wondered how he was going to find the right machine in all of this stuff, he thought he would start in the bedroom, but as he was walking to it he had to pass through the middle room. He stopped in his tracks. A huge door like machine sat in this room, Tomas walked over and looked amazed at it, as he stared there was a clunk from behind him. He turned but nothing 'it could have just been a rat, but I don't trust this place or that door.'


“Hey pal”

Tomas whipped round, there standing by the door is a tall man in a purple suit.


“So what are you doing here? Didn't think Wilson had any friends”

“well he does, and I could ask the same question”

“oh I am sorry my names Maxwell” he said as he gave a bow.

Tomas took a step back

“afraid are we hahaha”

Tomas step forward again

“I will give you a warning, leave this place and don't come back, forget Wilson and get on with your life.”

“Never! He's my friend, and if he didn't leave this world naturally I want to find out.”

“Bad answer, but your in luck that I am busy at the moment with your friend, and don't need anymore pawns to play with. Down side this is going to hurt”

as Maxwell says this the room gets darker, evil shadows seem to come off of the wall and fly around, then they all shot towards Tomas


Tomas screams as the shadows hit him, it feels like thousands of needles stabbing into him, the pain it too great he passes out. But as he does a voice says,

“you aren't going to remember anything hehhehheh.”


Tomas opens his eyes. He knows something is wrong, but he doesn't know what, he sits up he's in his bedroom. Everything seems normal. But he can't remember what he did yesterday 'I must have just slept for the whole day' he thinks, but still something is wrong. A couple of days pass the feeling that something isn't quite right start to fade, then one day there's a knock on the door, a package. He opens it, and inside there's a book and a letter-he reads this first.

'Greetings, this is Wilson, this letter will probable be late you, know the post system, anyway I finished the machine. But I don't know if I want to uses it. I have a bad feeling, like something is going to happen to me, if you could come over it would be nice to have another persons a opinion, please write back if you'll come. I have enclosed a copy of my diary for you, it has all the information you need on the machine.'


The name seems familiar, but Tomas can't put his finger on it, then something clicks. He remember a chest in his bedroom. He gos to it and looks inside; It's full of letter from this Wilson guy, he reads some of them over 'We seemed to have been good friends, so why can't I remember him? ahh my head.' He winces in pain as the spell break, and all of Tomas' memories come flowing back. He want to go and find his friend, but he needs to be careful, for he now has an enemy that would surely kill him if he did anything to suspicious. But no matter how hard it is, Tomas promises to help his friend. He needs to read the diary and see what Wilson was doing.

“hmm interesting....I could just destroy him now, but I think I'll watch and see what is going to happen, but that doesn't mean I can't make things more difficult for him. I wonder if anybody else is looking for the other or have they just been forgotten HAHA.”


The End?



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Then, there was the story about the walruses...



It's not don't stare related but I hope you like it




A blubbery 'tail'


Walter strolls down the street, and entered his car

“another lovely day, hope the seas this nice”

he quickly reaches the ocean and gets out, and walks down to the waters edge

“lets go check the seals I tagged”

he pats his boat.


Walter jumps in his boat and speeds off to the seal grounds. He came to them quickly; The sea was calm and sparkled as the sun hit it. Walter feels relaxed-he loved being out on the boat alone. A bleep appears on his radar,

“Yes! A seal”

Walter stops the boat and puts some bait out in the water. Quick as a flash the seal grabs it, Walter pulled the seal in, it tried to struggle away but couldn't. Walter looked it over.

“well, your all OK my lady”

he let the seal swim back into the water.


A while later, he had done five more and was hauling in a sixth one, but something was different, it was so much heavier. He looks down to see a walrus at the other end.

“strange? what are you doing here my friend?”

the animal looks at him, scared, then Walter spots a fin speeding towards the boat,


he looks down at the walrus

“It's coming for you isn't it?”

as Walter ran for his harpoon, he could have sworn the walrus nodded at him, he grabs the harpoon off its shelf and shoots it at the grey fin. There was a shriek, then it vanished,

“you OK?”

Walter looks down at the walrus, but it was gone.

“well, at least it wasn't hurt.”


The day passed normally after that event, as the moon shines and the waves move the boat back and forth softly Walter sits on his bed, then a CRASH! takes the silence from the air. Walter ran out. A shark was ripping his boat apart, and just as he was about to shoot his harpoon at it, the boat jerks chucking him out, into the water. Swimming to the surface Walter knew he was in trouble, looking around to see were the shark was, but too late. Teeth sink into Walter's body. The shark thrashes with him, but quickly gets bored and chucks him away, Walter lies in the water blood flowing away in to the the sea. Walter's vision got fuzzy, 'it's..All... Over' he closed his eyes.


But as he did something touched his face, he opens his eyes again. The walrus was next to him, Walter stares at it, it stares back. Then it grabs Walter pulling him down beneath the waves. He tried to get out, but the walruses grip was too good, and Walter's head spun from the lack of air. Then a light started to shine from the walrus, it seemed to enter Walter's body, him and it became one. As it did his wounds healed, and his head stopped spinning, he pushes his arms out and stops. He looked around 'what is going on?' he swum up but at a ridiculous speed, and in no time at all, he'd reached the surface, his boat was gone but he felt like he could just swim back to shore.


The sun rose, and Walter sat on the shore looking at his hands and feet, 'how could I swim like that? what happened out there? And that walrus. What did it do? I feel like it's inside of me.' As Walter thought about things he heard a shout, a girl was running down the beach shouting for help.

“What's wrong”

“my friend is stuck underwater, we were snorkeling and her foot got stuck!”

“show me”

the two run down the beach

“Over there!”


Walter dives into the water, he felt as if he was in his element, he used his speed to reach the girl in seconds. She indeed, was stuck, she was breathing from a small tank, and Walter knew it wouldn't last for long. He looks at her leg, the stones around it looked large and heavy, and he knew he wouldn't be able to move them, but he thought he would try. Grabbing hold, to Walter's surprise, he moved the rocks with ease, as if they were made of foam. He helped the girl to land.

“Thank you!” the lady said thankful

“That's OK”

“But how did you do that? those boulder were so heavy”

“I'm....not sure” Walter said puzzled

“well, anyway, thank you”

both the ladies waved goodbye

Walter walked away. ' Wow that was amazing, these new ability are great I can't wait to use them again, but I need to keep my identity safe with a costume....Wait am I literately doing this? Making my self a superhero? Oh and I have the best name. WalrusMan! I can't wait to started!'

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