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Beefalo herding questions

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So I keep reading about how one can split apart a Beefalo herd using the Beefalo Horn, but it just doesn't seem to be working for me. I took 4-5 of em pretty much from one side of the world to the other and they started trying to walk back, but their pathing is trying to get them through the ocean, so they are just stuck walking against the edge. But it's been more than a whole season and they are STILL walking against the edge. They don't make a new herd, they don't do anything other than mindlessly walk without actually moving.


Recently I took a second group to a different place, almost as far, managed to get them stuck in the same way, and again it's been several days and all they do is walk against the edge of the world, aiming at their old herd.


I tried just leaving them to sleep at night, at first, but the next day they simply woke up and started walking back, and they wouldn't stop, so I figured I had to prevent them from walking back.


Am I doing something wrong? Maybe the broken pathing also broke the re-herding process or something? Do I have to trap them with walls instead? Would that even make a difference? I dunno, coding is a weird and mysterious thing, you never know what could happen.

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You wouldn't be the first to report on faulty herding coding. If this doesn't work out, might I suggest you "cheat" using console commands? You've done all the work already, after all, and it's the game messing up, not you.

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Beefalo herds are easy to move. What you have to do is teleport a baby or adolescent beefalo with a telelocator staff and focus. This will guarantee you a new herd once it grows up. Good luck if you're trying to move volt goats or rock lobsters. It's still possible but it's a huge pain in the ass. 

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