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  1. Oh, right, there's character-specific recipes, I should have thought of that. I'll check it out, thanks.
  2. Hm, not quite sure what the sortkey is, actually. From what I've seen recipes simply show up in the order they are on the recipes.lua file, and any extra ones from mods go at the botton. So makes sense that modded vanilla ones go at the bottom too I guess. Though dunno how the game handles multiple mods adding recipes on the same tab, is there a mod load order? Edit: Oh man, I just realized I made this on the wrong forum, it wasn't supposed to be on the DST part o_o My bad.
  3. Well actually it just gave me an error for trying to have those 'require' up there, so there we go, lol. And it seems indeed I don't need to load recipes.lua either. It work just fine, awesome. Only it moves the modified recipes to the bottom of their respective tabs, but well, no big deal. At least I don't need that extra scripts folder inside my mod anymore
  4. I copied it whole, then modified it. I was afraid the game maybe skips the original file altogether, so if I deleted something from it I might make it unavailable in-game. The file is still called recipes.lua, inside a scripts folder, inside the mod folder. I'm gonna try your method, but now I'm wondering on some details. Like, in the recipes.lua file there's a require "recipe"require "tuning"at the beginning, I'm not sure if I need that on the new modmain.lua. And then, previously I had a GLOBAL.LoadScript("recipes.lua")at the start of my modmain.lua, but dunno if I still need it there since I'm not using the original file anymore.
  5. So it's basically the same as in the recipes.lua file, but adding the GLOBAL before a couple things, from what I'm getting.
  6. This one's a bit different from my usual. This time, I actually know how to do something, but I'd like to see if there's a cleaner way of doing it. More efficient, etc. Mostly cause I've been noticing the crazy FPS loss that having more and more mods is causing to my game, and I'm trying to cut down on mods, combine several into the same, clean up the codes a bit, etc. (On that note, is it the same to have a bunch of small mods, or a big one that does everything combined? Performance-wise, that is.) I wanna change some vanilla recipes, and I know one way of doing it, but I get the feeling it's kind of the "dirty" way of doing it. Dunno if it affects performance or what, but it probably isn't the right way. Right now I'm simply making a mod folder and putting a modified recipes.lua inside scripts. But this had a visible change: some mod recipes switched order with the vanilla ones. Namely, some mod recipes are now before the vanilla ones on the crafting menu, which wasn't the case before. It doesn't really bother me per se, but it makes me feel like I shouldn't do it that way So is there a more... professional way of modifying vanilla recipes?
  7. I'd say simply making it white/gray, perhaps with some transparency, and much thinner would work. Maybe also making it discontinued rather than full. Even a really really thin line can be noticeable in something like that, it won't be hard to see.
  8. The thing is if you need more than 1/3 of your strength to pierce flesh with a spear... you're not in the best shape, lol. Normally it shouldn't really be an issue to do so with what's basically a 3-pointed spear. Otherwise they wouldn't even exist as a weapon to begin with.
  9. Oh but I do want longer nights Right now it's almost a blink, and even if it transitions to night time while you're being chased by five spiders, two hounds and one tallbird, you just need to have a big enough fire and run around it for two minutes. I've done it, lol.Then again, we'd also need some better way of avoiding enemies during the night, cause I don't wanna be running around in circles for ten minutes either xD Or you can just, you know, plan while paused, lol. But really, the thing is not planing what to do, it's not being able to do much even using every single second of the day in something productive. I mean, I dunno, it's fine now I guess, but it just seems a few things like traveling long distances and exploring the map take up a whole lot of days.
  10. I think, first things first, what we need to make clear here is what's the objective of making a new weapon: diversity or progression? A.k.a. should the new weapon be plain better than the old one, making a weapon progression, or just be the same in "power" but different in how it works? I think both things have its pros and cons. Having a "linear progressions" can be boring, but at the same time it kinda rewards to keep going and getting further in the game, giving some motivation. Having a bunch of equally good weapons can be more fun at first, but in the end most people would just find which weapon suits em best and simply stick with that forever, and all the rest of the selection would be pointless. Then there's also the possibility of making situational weapons. Not better or worse overall, but simply better or worse for specific situations or objectives. Although admittedly right now there's not much need for that, but there might be in the future with new monsters and dangers added.
  11. I like the idea, but I think it might be getting a little too complex. I mean, it's not just about ideas, it's also how easy/hard it'd be for them to actually implement them. Just giving each food certain "diminishing returns" depending on its complexity to get would be enough. And I'd say the most complex ones could do without any penalties at all. After all, you're already putting effort in getting those. Also: It's not called "Cooking with Wilson" either From simply not starving to death to having a wide assortment of food to choose from, there's a big difference. I'm just joking though, don't take it seriously xP
  12. As much as I'm sure many would be completely against this, I have to agree. I mean, doesn't it seem a bit contradictory? I keep reading about how they don't like players having everything in their base and want them to go explore, but at the same time they give us really little time to safely explore, having to constantly be making campfires to keep going. It kinda makes one more likely to want to go back to the main base rather than setting a temporary and probably unsafe one each night. Although admittedly, big part of this is also inventory space. There's no point in exploring further if you can't get anything you find, right? But well, that's another topic.
  13. I never really liked the idea of being able to change characters in-game. It kinda messes up with the whole character selection, makes it kinda pointless. And while giving other characters their own craftable objects is a nice idea, it wouldn't be necessary, really. I mean, Wilson's "special ability" is a craftable object, other characters have their own ability. Still, even being character-specific, I think there should be some further effigy-nerfing to make other characters viable too. I like the "only one crafted at a time" one.
  14. The hail part made me realize something. Did someone ever suggest rain? Wouldn't that be the single worst thing ever? I mean, right now it'd be almost impossible to have any light source under the rain o_o It'd basically be a death sentence at this stage, lol.
  15. Maybe making it take longer to catch anything altogether. Like, WAY longer. Cause I gotta say I was really surprised when I realized birds come within a second of placing a seed on the trap. Not only it's easy food, it's also kinda silly and unrealistic. It's literally instant right now XD Something like having to leave the trap for some in-game hours to actually get something might work. It'd also reward getting multiple traps if you actually wanna get food faster, which means more resources and inventory management, so it seems fair. And maybe even only make it work when the trap isn't in your screen. Birds should be less likely to approach when there's someone right next to it.
  16. I call Diablo Don't Torchlight 2 Starve for GotY.
  17. Fitness, my sworn enemy, we meet again...
  18. Lava, I didn't think of that. It certainly could be an easy way out, lol I honestly don't know what's the difference between cave and cavern, lol.
  19. I can agree with this and I don't see why anyone would be against it as long as the two modes are kept separate. Why would you care what others play the game like? If you like it hard, play survival. Let others play however they want. Not to mention it seems like a really simple way of making it much easier. Just adding a save/load function, that's it. No need to change any mechanics. I'd suggest also making them have separate research points, so you don't research everything in the easy mode and then play the hard one with everything unlocked. But seeing how they are gonna completely rework that, I dunno how it'll be.
  20. To be honest, hard game, easy game, the whole theme of it is "don't be out in the dark". So I'd say out of all things, this one has to be the dangerous one. The increasing damage over time is a good idea, I think it's the only way to counter having tons of food. But I personally think it should also ignore armor. Just do a fixed amount of damage each hit no matter what. Just to give it more of that "extremely dangerous and totally superior to me" feeling xP Knowing that nothing you can do can stop it. Going around just taking the hits and thinking "meh, this is annoying..." isn't the idea behind it.
  21. I can't say much about more food variety since I barely even tried half of what's already in the game, but I gotta say I particularly like the idea of a container specifically for food. A lot of people complain about being able to just stockpile tons of food easily and want it to rot, but I personally like being able to have some supplies saved up. This could mean we can keep storing stuff, but not so much of it.
  22. I've been wondering that myself. I mean, there's 2d games with interiors, why would it be impossible in a 2.5d one? Caves have ceilings? The outside has a sky, we don't see it. Caves have walls? Well, who says it has to be a tiny little cave? It could be some massive underground open space. The walls could be just the limits of the map. I'm not sure how the layout should be exactly, but it certainly doesn't seem impossible. Edit: I just realized I even know a 2.5d game with a bunch of buildings and interiors: Ragnarok Online. Just leaving the name here in case they wanna check how they do it
  23. Don't forget about giving em to the pig king for gold Once you researched everything that's the only permanent use.
  24. Lol, that's a pretty epic idea XD Although I'm not so fond of "one time use" things, but well, the idea of using her as a "spare soul" is pretty cool Maybe something like giving you extra "negative life" for a bit (as in, allowing you to get to -50% health or something before actually dying) and you have a limited amount of time to heal yourself over 0% again to "revive", and then she just leaves your body. Of course, it'd need balancing all over to not be basically a free revive each time she's around. But well, keeping her as uncommon as she is now, plus only at night, plus having to have healing items handy to actually survive... actually, I'm not sure if it'd even be that useful, lol.