Current biomes should be expanded upon. :D Here's a list of possible ideas and even new biomes.

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one big tree - acacia like - where beefalo's rest  and some kind of bigger beefalo with manes (lionlike) alpha male

^ termite free zone ^ 

termites eat everything woodlike (so chests will be eaten)

beefalo hair falls out in the summer spawning tumbleweed with a bigger percentage for grass and fur


decidious forests

chipmunk-alikes - acts like turkey => eating birchnuts

poison birchnuttrees should drop one poison birchnut -> makes the chipmunks hostile

beargercave can be found (as this is the only boss that could not reach the island flying

or crossing the frozen ocean - he should have a home - you could maybe enter it?)

deer-alike animals - they fight eachother in spring


desert spiders or scorpions - (desert spider queen variant?)

camels fennec?

ancient pyramid - new loot and science

sandstorm -> makes you slower + can make your food sandy and uneatable - avoid these

cacti diversity giving spines for sewing kit replacing hounds tooth

oasis => food can be cleansed here


swamp lake monster (gator?nessie?)

merms drop kelp -> new recipes

sinkholes leading to the caves, dont get sucked in!

lilypads as stepping stones for crossing the lake + can be harvested (dont know for what use)



skunks -> stinkbombs  odor that keeps animals away (pigs will like you?)

owls badgers hedgehogs boar and foxes -> not certain for what purpose



killer beehives have stages - queen bees-> new boss

bee mask -> control bees and collect honey from wild beehives

overall honey production is a bit slower, but with a mask: a bit faster than before

-> can plant a scarecrow wearing a mask near hives



new biome suggestions:


new rainforest biome

constant rain

rubber trees => rubber raincoat (needs alot of rubber sap)

/ boat (crossing the ocean or river)

snake traps

rare bird - will be parrot-like (when caught, will talk to you and warn you for bosses,warg and others)


new river biome crossing the through the land

has a new type of fish (salmon-like)

fast means of travel with a canoe or raft

surrounded by? (bears,turtles,otters,salamanders inspired animals)

bears will stare at you from a distant but charge when you come to close


coast and island biome:

this topic already sums up what im looking for


more chess pieces

king or queen boss


more wheater effects -> mist hail hurricanes and sandstorms, great flood?


more means of farming -> make use of the unimplemented wheat and scarecrow


one last thing: I want to be able to have a smaller than default map

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