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  1. Went down in the depths of the Mant Hills and defeated the Man Queen while playing Wormwood. After being defeated the queen dropped some items (e.g. crown, honey, mant shell) but some of the items, in this case the honey and the shell, ended up overlapping the box of the queen's throne and for that reason ended up being unpickables.
  2. Been trying out the new Wormwood recently on Hamlet and found out a really interesting bug with the graphics. After re-exiting the ruins on the island where you find the fountain of youth, during an Aporkalypse, on a certain bit of the island you could clearly see that the boundary of the tiles showed up in the clouds. Don't get me wrong you COULD NOT walk on it but it was visible. It showed up only for a certain part of the island, not all of it. Check media for better description!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Need to chill down in the summer? Wanna do some snorkeling? Fancy some fresh fish for dinner? The mod “Creeps in the Deeps” introduces another level to the current world of DS: the Underwater! With new craftables, items and life down in the ocean, there will plenty to explore for the brave souls. Players will have to gear up and venture down into the deeps to discover the treasures hidden below. But beware... you might run out of breath on the way down! In order to access the deeps, you will have to look for the custom underwater entrance found somewhere in the map. Once mined, the fissure will stay open indefinitely giving you the ability to access the deeps anytime! COMPATIBILITY This mod is compatible with DS and RoG only. We're actively working to make this mod compatible with SW and then potentially port it to DST once the content has been completed ! IMPORTANT: It is highly suggested to play this mod with Mem Spike Fix ( enabled to decrease lag issues !!! THE TEAM We're always happy to have someone new working with us but at the moment this is the team: Coding: @Mobbstar, @chromiumboy, @Lampofulmine (founder) Art: @mrpoke20xx, @spiderdian, @Dudedude. @QuickShot010 Strings: @ImDaMisterL, @Chris1488(and testing) Testers: @Mr.P, @Michi01, @AnonymousKoala Special thanks to the amazing number of collaborators that helped the development of this mod: AmaLee, Veenchesta, KidneyBeanBoy, MilleniumCount, Hast, Keeper, Electroely, Przemolsz, Jules, osmRhodey, Minespatch FIND US... Don’t forget to visit the discord channel at: and the mod collaboration in the Klei forums at: You can also find the Steam group here: You can also download the Steam Version here:
  4. Thew new subforum for Creeps in the Deeps are out !!! 

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  5. Been into modding for quite a while, tried compiling and decompiling and such for looooongggg time on mac. Result ? In order to avoid broken files, issues, bugs etc... the best thing you can do is code on your mac and let the compiling be done by someone who has a windows, I mean it. Easiest option !
  6. We're back in the game ! Exploring the underwater world will soon be a reality :) check the mod thread ! We always in need of new hands to work at the project ! 


  7. There would be so much to say about both seasons, that we would only start an endless discussion with no winners. DST summer at the moment is the one which is the most boring because you can't do anything if not bull-sh-itting around your base and ding the same old-tale stuff. On the other hands, in Winter you at least can go out and explore a bit more/ do; you're freezing ? Its way easier to make campfire than a endothermic pit. The fact that summer oblige you to stay in your base its not the only big deal; what do you do in summer if you had the chance ? Wander deserts with a hunting party to have fun with blizzards ? Get few cactuses for the floral shirt ?! I think this game really NEEDS some more content to mitigate the effect of Summer nd to do more in Summer. After that's done, we can start thinking about Winter.
  8. "Silk, silk, silk... there's definitely too much, should stop killing spiders for fun" "I need twigs, NOW" While being chased by hounds: " Why don't you stop stupid dogs gotta craft another spear !"
  9. @Mobbstar, last time I played pokemon it was still B&W
  10. Never ever posted anything cause I'm more an in-game artist than anything else, so be patient XD Was messing with Gimp today and was trying to make a bird and then this thing came up... Dunno what to think eheh
  11. Exactly, the item fish as it is right now its gonna be the same but let's say that when you'll kill "aquatic" mob in general their loot is gonna include a fish fillet ! This is going to work like a middle ground between MEAT and MORSEL.
  12. Well, actually we are introducing fish meat for the first time too; with the mod enabled you're gonna have both fish and FISH FILLET as edible items so probably all the fish-y bit your making your recipes on is gonna fish fillet and not simple fish. Apart from that there's nothing else which we are planning to add as food (for now).
  13. Liked a bit of your posts XD i know that counts more than posting thanks !!
  14. @SapphireBullets, answering to you post here: Sorry for being so picky but since we are not including the jelly goop but the other loot,s ome recipes didn't have sense; the rest though seems a really good idea ! I'll propose them to the team ! Thanks a lot !!
  15. @SapphireBullets, thanks for letting us use your recipes ! Obviously we'll give you credit for it. The sponge its going to be common enough so it shouldn't have some much advantage, just to have more recipes i would say. The idea of the sponge cake sounds good, i like it.
  16. @Kzisor, thanks for the help, I'll try to see what can they tell me about this !
  17. @Kzisor, mmmm... i see, so i guess that i definitely need to know coding in case a want to do this right ?!
  18. So, have a question... What if you create a new ground texture which is not present in the current DS ground textures file ?! I just want to use that speciic texture to base my set piece, how can i do that ?
  19. @SapphireBullets, some of your recipes are really interesting, would you mind if I include some of those in the mod "Creeps in the Deeps" ? I'd love to see more recipe which would involve fish. More than that have a request... we are going to add sponges also as an edible item maybe, what can you with your inventive mind propose as crockpot recipes involving these ?!?!!
  20. @SapphireBullets, to answer your question Rivers are going to be like roads so they are definitely gonna be something placed OVER the land. The pond is a good starting point in the sense of basing river graphics on it but apart from that there nothing else we can make use of. The idea was to have a "watery road" because literally we someone could just copy the different road turfs and modify them on the River style. Unfortunately is that MODIFYING that is the big deal. @EpicAnimationNipple, yeah the idea is something like that; as i said its all about watery roads. Obviously the graphic has to fit DS style.
  21. Hello everyone me and my team are creating a Mod which would finally add to the current DS game and underwater world. This mod will be called "Creeps in the Deeps" and will add mobs, plants, biomes and new stats. More than that we also decided to give something "watery" to the current over world and so we are now trying to implement RIVERS. We believe they are gonna be a real innovation for the game as these will come in handy especially in summer to fight against OVERHEATING (many of us hate Summer in RoG). Unfortunately we are missing the ART for the rivers. Here's my point, the code for rivers is done already; our team include some really good artists but nobody ever tried the to do TURFS. Yes, the art for the river would only involve doing a "river turf" which is going to be repeated over and over plus a turf for the SOURCE and the END of the river. I know its very challenging but I also know there are very very VERY VERY good artists over here !! To whoever wants to take the challenge, please comment here or feel free to send me a PM. If I see you art is good, I'll add you also to the Team PM so we discuss the implementation altogether. Thanks chaps, have a good one -Lampofulmine
  22. I think the gardener would be a good idea actually; its the first character i would love to see in the game and consider I'm totally against adding new characters to the current game !
  23. @LadyAzure, i think there's already a mod for greenhouses and house but i don't remember the name.