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Character concepts?

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Hmm... try thinking of a name that would start with "W"...

Also... he's... umm... kinda... umm...

weaker than... Wes... so...




But if he's meant for Multiplayer as a camp/base attendant then ok :-)


(But shouldn't he be like a skilled character? after all, he is a butler... maybe give him some more buffs? That's just me)


LOVE THE ART!! Very Nice :)

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Yeah, not really sure how to structure a character when it comes to abilities and stats. He would more than likely be meant for multiplayer as a kind of support character, but people can add their own ideas. Especially if someone goes ahead and makes this into a mod. That'd be awesome. 

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You clearly have no idea of what the lore of this game is about.

So that means I shouldn't put out ideas for people to enjoy? 

I just started playing the game, but just because I don't know the lore like some game extremist, doesn't mean I can't enjoy it, and produce things for others to enjoy. 

Go play your Nazi tactics elsewhere. 

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Ok. If these are supposed to be suggestions, I said what I thought about them. I dont like it.

If it's simple fanart, it's cool.

You stating you don't like something isn't you contributing your ideas towards something. I asked for suggestions and ideas. I don't care if you don't like the ideas. I didn't ask for your opinion on the matter. Constructive criticism, sure, but that's not what you delivered. 

Like I said. Take your negativity elsewhere. It's not wanted here, partner. 

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