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  1. I've waited a through half of a winter, then a full autumn, then another full winter. I still don't see a loot sack anywhere :/ I even did c_gonext("klaus_sack") to see if it had spawned but it's not there. Is he not enabled on a non-RoG world? Or did it mess up because my world is oldish (around 200 days)?
  2. That sounds good to me! @Michi01 Ah, thanks for the correction! So after his loot bag appears for the first time, it will keep respawning no matter the season every 20 days?
  3. The reason I want to keep the boss things in game is because my computer isn't good and I am unable to run a separate caves server. Klaus gives me a way to try for the Toadstool boss drops even when I don't have access to the caves. He only comes once a year, so it's still going to take awhile to get stuff that I want especially if I have bad luck.
  4. hes my fav youtuber too! *high five*but i had such a fun time watching that video. it was hilarious seeing hime figure stuff out