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  1. I've waited a through half of a winter, then a full autumn, then another full winter. I still don't see a loot sack anywhere :/ I even did c_gonext("klaus_sack") to see if it had spawned but it's not there. Is he not enabled on a non-RoG world? Or did it mess up because my world is oldish (around 200 days)?
  2. That sounds good to me! @Michi01 Ah, thanks for the correction! So after his loot bag appears for the first time, it will keep respawning no matter the season every 20 days?
  3. The reason I want to keep the boss things in game is because my computer isn't good and I am unable to run a separate caves server. Klaus gives me a way to try for the Toadstool boss drops even when I don't have access to the caves. He only comes once a year, so it's still going to take awhile to get stuff that I want especially if I have bad luck.
  4. 1. Which level did you play? The King of Winter2. How would you rate your Don’t Starve skill: Moderate3. Did you end the level by teleporting or by dying, and at how many days? Dying at 10 days4. What was the most challenging aspect of the level? It was completely easy until I got to the obelisk. As soon as i had to drop my sanity to 0, the nightmares came and murdered me. I could'nt get a fire up because they were too fast, and i didn't have any armor to fend them off. Ran around in a panic for half a day before i was killed.5. What did you have the most fun with in this particular level? What was the coolest part? The coolest part was all the new features i saw. The blueprints, fortresses, and obelisk gave it a really cool feeling.What was your overall strategy for beating the level? Did you change or adapt the strategy as the level went on? My strategy was to just take it easy, collect everything, and keep moving to find the parts. Then as soon as I went through the obelisk i had no strategy whatsoever, it was just- oh my god RUNNNNN.overall, it was amazingly fun but got hard extremely fast.
  5. forgive me if im being ignorant, but couldnt you download steam? that's what i did, and i beleive they added mac and linux support on steam. sorry if i dont know what im talking about and you have some problem with steam :/
  6. I think in the next update the custom sandbox will ahve enough options for slower players to be able to adjust. you can try it out now, there's longer summers option.
  7. Don't Starve Roadmap

    hes my fav youtuber too! *high five*but i had such a fun time watching that video. it was hilarious seeing hime figure stuff out