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Since DST is coming out I think it's good time to implement in-game achievement tab, achievements would be rewarded with steam emoticons :joyous:, in game item skins, in game emoticons etc.






Create Don't Starve or Don't Starve: Together mod. Only mods with 4+ stars and at least 100 votes will be considered.

Reward: Modder Hat skin for Top Hat.


Isn't fire practical?

While playing Willow kill the 3 treeguards only with fire.

Reward: Good Old Lighter lighter skin (Or Willow skin etc.)


Monster Slayer!

Kill all bosses.

Reward: Golden Football Helmet football helmet skin


Fight or die

Kill 25 players in PvP mode with spear

Sharp Spear spear skin


Friend of ghosts

Resurrect 50 players

Special resurrect animations




Achievements can be granted only without using console and certain mods and possibly default world settings.

I think it would be nice to play with some goals.

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Klei has stated before that they dislike achievements. I understand their reasoning. Achievements tend to guide the player through a game. They happen to usually be quite linear in design.


However, I think they can give the player extra goals to work towards, especially towards things they wouldn't have thought to attempt.


While gameplay should be enjoyable for its own sake, not all players are particularly creative in their gameplay, nor do all players necessarily find the gameplay redeeming enough on its own. It's not that the game is bad; players just happen to have different gameplay styles, tastes, and so on.


An achievement-oriented mod would be a welcome addition, if not an interesting one. As for being packaged with the vanilla game; I don't think it really fits with intended atmosphere of Don't Starve.

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Can confirm that Klei does NOT like achievements.


I'm pretty sure I suggested this 2 years ago, and was quickly turned down by the community...


The only reason the "Accomploshrine" exists in the Playstation versions of the game is because Sony forced them to create achievements, and to show that achievements are a joke, they added a redundant and useless achievement to show that they don't like them.


Though we'll never know. I suggested Multiplayer 2 years ago and here we are with DST sitting infront of our eyes, as reality.

Though unlike a new way to play, this just kind of makes things redundant. Achievements are what you make it in Don't Starve... If you want achievements then mod it in yourself, don't expect to get any achievements.


Also, the rewards seem way too silly, a skin for being able to mod a game is useless and may create more "GET ME THE HAT" Mods that don't do anything, and there'll be one person who releases this "skin" to the public. 

So, no. I do not like your ideas, and will never be added, I am certain of this fate. 

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Klei's official response on how they feel about this sort of thing was released in a PennyArcade article in 2012, when singleplayer was being developed. That article can no longer be pulled up on the site, but a forward-thinking forum member named Zero_Starlight archived it himself via Google Docs:

Don't Starve is an "uncompromising survival game".

Both Kevin and Jamie felt strongly that they did not want to force a particular manner of gameplay by guiding players into making certain decisions just to receive rewards. This was predictable, boring, and caused players to quit the game once guidance ceased. Instead, they want you to find the motivation and drive within yourself, as that is the ultimate reward. Overcoming adversity and challenge on your own terms provides long-lasting results that will stick with a person long after the glory of beating a side-quest has faded from memory.

You are given a crafting menu, and have resources at your disposal to interact with and overcome this harsh landscape. Prior to starting the game, you can adjust world settings to be easier or harder, or even try out a couple presets they made (or make your own!). That is all the hand-holding and direction they will give you. You can be as creative and goal-oriented as you want in mastering the environment - the sky is the limit. You need to put on your own thinkin' cap though.

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