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Jumping spiders are insane!

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If you are fighting jumping spiders you are wrecking nests wrong...they only come out when you attack spiders that are near their nests so draw the spiders out a little bit then kill them all.Do that 3 times then go kill the nest. No warrior spiders, no HP lost, no mess.:D

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They still appear from Spider queens and evicted nests you've aggro'd Warriors from, though. It's still good to know how to deal with them properly.Moreover, if a feature is getting avoided entirely, it's going to get adjusted at some point so that it can't be, or removed altogether. We're either going to deal with Jumpy soon, or he's going to get replaced with something else. Regular spiders need the backup to pose a threat to experienced players.

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Keep in mind also, when this thread started. They've been through a couple nerfs and bugs since then. But yeah, the only truly absurd thing about Spider Warriors is accidentally spawning 3+ from multiple directions, then having to run for your life. Even I occasionally die to that now and again... just encourages you to be more careful and sneakeh.

It'll be nice when they get fixed.

The problem with Dusk/Night attacks is when your goal is explicitly to farm the spiders (the more profitable action), rather than break the nests. Because multiple spiders pop out and wander, you're much more likely to draw overwhelming numbers into aggro, and it eats time to try and kite them all, when you could manage one nest, three spiders at a time, and quickly kill them all off by stepping on the webbing to trigger a small, kite-able search party.

Moreover, fighting at night mandates either firelight or a torch held in hand. Now, if you were to tell me you preferred it simply for ridding yourself of the things, I'd accept that... they sure aren't very smart about protecting their nests. Of course, when I do this, I usually rely on my pigmen as a distraction, rather than wait for night... and I mainly only do it to remove tier 3 nests, when I'm ready to put away my spider farm for the year. I occasionally do this when maintenance is required, and I don't want the hostile spiders distracting me at dusk, or when I feel the spider nest placements are too close together...

Or when a queen lays a new nest too close to another, so I can let it mature, while farming it, then get it out of the way as well.

not trolling here...but i still prefer to fight them at dusk. all the black spiders come out of the nest and you don't have to worry about warriors...yeah they do all come at you at once but as long as there aren't more than 2 or 3 nests you can kill them pretty quick with a spear or tentacle as they come at you.

I don't just fight at night to get rid of the nests but the nests are easier to clear at dusk in my opinion.

yeah i have been surprised at dusk by 15 spiders coming from all directions but that's only when there's lots of nests clustered together. most of the time its only a couple.

and for night fighting i use the miner hat to keep my hands free. it takes 2 silk to make a bug net then the 1 net can catch 10 fireflies then you just need some gold.

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attack at morning, just bring a spear and armor, and make sure you dont attack the spiders that come out first when their near the nest, or they'll pop out, bring em about half the screen away from the edge of the webs on the ground then just attack them, if you get a queen just dont let her have babies, attack twice, run back when she swings, repeat, and when theirs a baby kill in imediantly

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if you get a queen just dont let her have babies, attack twice, run back when she swings, repeat, and when theirs a baby kill in imediantly

Better yet: avoid areas where you've allowed queens to appear, wait for them to move away from the old nest area and turn into new tier 1 nests (a couple days time, left unmolested), then collect the tier 3 nests when they mature.Move your egg sacks to an easily farm-able location, well spread out and away from other objects of importance (camp, food sources, trees for wood), then just break the nest whenever it reaches tier 3, and replace it. Repeat the above, if a queen appears, dealing with the new nests as appropriate for their location. You'll never need to deal with Spider Queens, this way.
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Abigail can kill an entire spider nest without you getting your hands dirty; set a fire up, agro a spider, have Abigail attack it, and then all the spiders will go for Abigail and die. Also just having a lot of traps to catch the spiders is nice too.

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