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  1. If you are fighting jumping spiders you are wrecking nests wrong...they only come out when you attack spiders that are near their nests so draw the spiders out a little bit then kill them all.Do that 3 times then go kill the nest. No warrior spiders, no HP lost, no mess.
  2. Try wickerbottom.Your life will never be the same
  3. Kevin has said that melee combat should be a last resort so,don't get your hopes up
  4. I think it's just a bug from old worlds. My old world had roads that looked like that too. When I suicided for the update, all roads have looked like roads on the map so far.
  5. So did I miss something in the update notes? Spear seems to be dealing half damage... 4 hits to kill spiders, 6 for pigmen etc.tested fighting with tools and it took me 8 to kill a spider.What's the deal? I like the change (harder = better) just seems weird not to mention such a big change.
  6. The problem isn't piracy.. it's cheap people who either don't understand the work it takes to make something like a game or just don't care. Personally I like to "try before I buy". Some examples of games I've pirated: Hotline Miami, FTL, Project Zomboid and yes, Don't Starve. I downloaded them all via torrents. I also bought all 4 of them the same day I downloaded them. A good game is worth buying because I like good games. Since I want to see more good, original games I don't mind paying. Some people just don't understand that game devs make games so they (wait for it....) don't starve. IMO most people who pirate games without paying have prolly never lived on their own and therefor don't understand what it's like to really need money. Or maybe they ARE living on their own and understand all too well what it's like to need money... AKA sincerely cannot afford them. And if you can't afford to buy it anyway is there really any harm in playing it? I guess what I'm trying to say is it's kind of a complex issue. Sure it sucks when things like this happens, but piracy doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. I'm of the opinion that there are enough people like me out there that piracy shouldn't really be an issue to a game dev. Alas, I'm not a game dev so I can't really say for sure though. Just my 2 cents. I know for PR's sake they probably won't comment, but I would love to hear Klei's thoughts on this. EDIT: Only just noticed my minor necro. Whatever, necromancers are awesome anyway.
  7. if you were on day 18 and wandering through the swamp with absolutely no armour on... that really isn't the fault of the devs. Or the game. The swamp is SUPPOSED to be a dangerous place. Me, I'm always on my toes watching for telltale signs of tentacles in the swamp. Look for bubbling under the surface of the bog, as that's a sign of tentacles. Contrary to what these guys say, I usually go to swamps really early in game to start stockpiling reeds ASAP. It's not tough to survive... as long as you stay alert and attentive. Point is, it's a tough game, and the swamp is one of the toughest parts. Be careful.
  8. Actually, there doesn't seem to be any dialogue for an empty cage. When I examined a freshly built, definitely empty birdcage wilson still said "Awww... he's asleep!"
  9. Wait... the other characters can be revived by an effigy? I just assumed it only worked on Wilson because it uses his beard hair and looks like him.
  10. Love the idea, seems only natural to me. What if rotten meat effigies came alive and tried to kill the player / wandered the world until they found them? Imagine being scared to go to your base because you know there are 3 corrupt Wilsons there, waiting for you. Except night is coming... so you've got to face them eventually I think it would be a great balance for effigy hoarding.
  11. Most epic: Killing an entire beefalo herd with a pigman army, then turning on the pigmen (at least, the ones who made it) and killing them too. Stupidest: Surviving 40+ days waiting to kill a spider queen only to get caught off guard by one without any armor and... and one-shot by her. Best: Unlocking the bug net, bee box and beekeeper hat to build / harvest my own honey for the first time.
  12. When it launched on steam, I watched the trailer and wanted it right away. I <3 games that mercilessly try to kill you.
  13. Obviously if ranged weaponry was implemented it would have to be a totally different bag from melee combat. Flintlock pistol could do less damage (think about getting shot vs being gored with a spear), be inaccurate, slow reload... Lots of ways to balance it. It would have to be a difficult craft, I think. Use something like 4 flint to craft plus more flint to make ammo, as well as some other really rare drops not in-game yet (gunpowder perhaps?)
  14. Actually I think a flintlock pistol-type weapon would suit the game really well. As for it breaking the realism, well... I can't remember the last time I resurrected myself with my own beard hairs. Or built a beehive, by hand, with nothing but some wood, a few bees and honeycombs. Where do the hinges for the chests come from? How does an alchemy machine work? Since when can pigs talk? Realism isn't too much of a concern for me, I actually really like this idea.