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  1. not trolling here...but i still prefer to fight them at dusk. all the black spiders come out of the nest and you don't have to worry about warriors...yeah they do all come at you at once but as long as there aren't more than 2 or 3 nests you can kill them pretty quick with a spear or tentacle as they come at you. I don't just fight at night to get rid of the nests but the nests are easier to clear at dusk in my opinion. yeah i have been surprised at dusk by 15 spiders coming from all directions but that's only when there's lots of nests clustered together. most of the time its only a couple. and for night fighting i use the miner hat to keep my hands free. it takes 2 silk to make a bug net then the 1 net can catch 10 fireflies then you just need some gold.
  2. I prefer to fight them at dusk, they all come out and wander around, then you can pick off a few that get separated, and all the others come at you but you can usually get a few as they come before the big cluster comes. then run away and come back.a dusk and night they all leave the nest unguarded, you can even attack the nest itself and they ought to change the ai to make the spiders that belong to the nest defend it but for the time being, they don't defend their nest.the worst is when i go for a tier 3 and i almost have it and it suddenly turns into a queen.and sometimes the tier 1 that a queen leaves behind will pop up to tier 2 within 30 seconds of it being left there, i have had it happen where i lure the queen away then go for it and hit it 5 times then it pops to tier 2 and warriors come out
  3. iof there is a jumping spider coming at you.. run straight down, then as he jumps move left or right..it can be done running left or right then moving up or down to dodge as well.the directions have to be orthogonal if you try to go diagonal you will get hit.then you have to move in quick and stunlock it before it comes again.if there are black ones with him go for those first after dodging him...they are insane especially when there is more than 1 but they seem broken right now.
  4. this happened to me once..i killed a deerclops and then ran back to my base..only to see a second one destroying it..luckily it only broke 2 of my crockpots and my bee boxes before it left
  5. I agree somewhat, i am not sick of the op topics but it seems like just about everything is considered op by someone..its like they want everything nerfed to make the game impossible or something.boomerang is annoying to make, it has few uses, and also if you miss the catch it loses another 10% durability.yeah you can get through winter with boomerang, and i was thinking thats one of the only few ways to get snowbird feathers for blowdarts.i got through a winter with 4 beeboxes and monster meat. if you collect the boxes in the day, the bees come after you and when they de-aggro they stay outside and collect more pollen and so you can keep collecting honey all through winter.3 honey and a monster meat = nuggets.the crockpot is op because you can make like 8 of them and then cook something in each one and just leave it therebunny traps are op because you can catch 1 or 2 bunnies every day in each one. 4 morsels a day = meatball = surviving winter with just 4 bunny trapsreallly...the only thing that ever kills me is the frigging hounds, eventually they just get stronger and stronger until they overwhelm you. i got to day 145 and 12 ice hounds spawned and with full logsuit i died in 2 seconds