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Suggestions regarding Chester, chests, and the map.

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First I'd just like to say just how much fun I'm currently having with DST. I have two local friends and someone we met in an earlier server and we play fairly consistently, getting better each time. Bugs have been minimal and content is plentiful to keep us busy.


That said, I'd like to make two fairly large suggestions with some balance ideas to help people see where these may fit into the game. No one wants an unbalanced mess. Part of the appeal of the game is it's unforgiving nature.



Being such a critical part of the game, I feel like Chester is a bit of an oddity. You don't want to make him common enough that he depreciates in value, but it's kind of unfortunate that in doing so, only one person can ever have him.


I'd say a perfect solution would be to give server admin a few options, similar to survival modes.

  • Finders Keepers: One Chester. Period.
  • One for all: An eye bone randomly spawns in the world for each player. Upon leaving, an eye bone not in an inventory when it's last holder disconnects will be lost after one complete day cycle.
  • Propagation: Allow for special conditions to permit Chester to get pregnant, halving it's inventory space for half of a season (roughly 10 days) giving birth to a baby Chester which has a quarter of Chesters health and half the inventory space until an entire season (roughly 20 days) to grow into a full Chester. Age can be cut in half if the baby Chester dies.


I'm sure this has been mentioned a lot by now and I'd be surprised if working on a solution isn't in progress, so I wont hammer in it's necessity.


A lockable chest. However don't simply put a restriction on the chest based on who owns it or who gives who permission to use it. Another appeal to the game is the lack of rules that don't make sense in the Don't Starve universe. So simply having wooden chests with allocated permission would drive the question of 'why can't I just open it? It's right there.'


My solution: Separate Lock Chest

  • Requires 1 gear and four stone slabs.
  • Craftable at an alchemy machine. (Tier 2)
  • Unlocked with a pin number or combination of some sort.
  • Difficult to destroy and force PvP enabled for folks who attack lock chests they don't own.
  • Cont. Allow for players who forget their pin to regain access to their stuff at a heavy cost to hammer durability.

Improved map.

Obviously I feel this might be the most controversial of them all, given the nature of exploration the game has to offer. However once again I feel like a little choice should be given to server hosts, to play in a way that best suits the way they want to operate a server.


As of now, it's difficult to tell where other players have explored. This can result in a lot of wasted time getting to an area that's been wiped clean of it's resources and only finding out once you've made the commitment to go deep enough to find out.


A few options could be used to help remedy this issue so that everyone can be happy.

  • Isolation: Your map. Your exploration. Period.
  • Word of mouth: A lighter black indicating an area that's been explored without revealing any land or resources. Just a solid color to signify that the location has been visited.
  • Linked minds: Everyone shares the same map and any revealed land is visible to everyone.

And last for now, but certainly not least.


Properly oriented compass.

It's one thing to get disoriented in your own world when you rotate it, however a choice experience for some folks is full communication and meeting up with each other. This is virtually impossible without concrete orientation.


Meeting up with people is difficult without a central location which is often out of everyones' and more critically, giving directions is nearly impossible when no two people are using the same orientation.


A simple solution to provide hosts with flexibility to determine in being lost is part of the experience they want to have or clear communication and sense of direction. Give them the option to enable or disable a global compass.


That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'd be really curious to see what people have to say about these suggestions, even if they aren't unique. Hopefully a discussion can spark and we can see if this list of suggestions is either unwarranted or popular and why.

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More Chesters and locked Chests are over-suggested and are impractical solutions. Get off the bandwagon.

Somebody else got Chester? Ask him nicely if on a Co-op server. It's called "Co-op" for a reason.

If it's not Co-op, then kill that bastard.

Also, locked Chests will either become griefing devices or become worthless. There is no in-between.

Locked Chests that cannot be destroyed: Titanium Walls of Chests

Locked Chests that can be destroyed: Sugarcoated Bull****


The map and compass improvement is definitely needed, though.

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What bandwagon? These are are completely personal suggestions I've had based off of my 20+ hours of experience with Don't Starve Together since my friends and I joined in on Monday. Honestly wasn't expecting such a hostile response, especially from a senior member. Jeez.

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If the idea of consistency across game modes is a concern, you could have "Standard Rule" servers which don't have any of these additional options available and allow people to filter out servers without any worry of inconsistency. But as someone whose hosting a server purely for a few friends and myself to play, these options would be really nice to have.


Not to mention that the availability of mods makes server consistency already an uphill battle. So "Standard Rule" servers could also be devoid of any mods, further creating a divide between those who want a truly customized experience and people who simply want to play without any concern for unexpected or undesired variety.

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Chester: it's currently finders-keepers. When the player holding the eyebone leaves the world, it drops on the ground. I like the idea that the host could could toggle it to "one for all", although I'm not sure how that may impact performance. The "one for all" method would work well in PvP-enabled servers too, giving equality to everyone prior to battles commencing. One thing to consider in the "one for all" method though is trash/clutter - as players leave and eyebones are dropped, you can end up with tons of them littering the ground. Like this guy and Willow lighters/Wendy flowers.


Chests: the locked chest idea has been presented in various ways, but a downside to it is that it's griefable. What if someone comes into your world, takes all your precious resources, then locks them in the chest and leaves, never to be seen again? I seem to remember someone suggesting a solution to that though, in that the host would be allowed to open the chest after X number of days.


Improved Map: I disagree with the shared map option personally, I like the current "isolation" mode. To me it gives more incentive to work together and communicate well, and keeps me working hard to find what I and everyone else needs. If I newly-joined a world where the entire map was already revealed because of everyone else, it would take away some of my eagerness and surprise in discovering for myself.


Compass: the current craftable compass not working is a bug (you didn't mention that, just saying for anyone else who reads this). I agree that there should be something global to act as a compass though. Perhaps instead of the current method of a player-unique item, it could be far more difficult/resource-heavy to craft. And then once someone does, it provides everyone with a compass/directional HUD - either on their screen all the time, or at least on the map so they can re-orient if they've flipped it around.

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I suppose you could place a sign "north" of spawn, to give everyone something to orient their map to.  Still, paths in larger DST worlds are windy, confusing, twisty, with various hazardous obstacles... It would be nice if someone could make pings on the map, at least as long as both players have explored that area once before.

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