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  1. I just want to say real quick that having played Don't Starve Together for well over 3 hours today, I'm very impressed with its' early access progress. It's very solid and my friend and I have almost no issues what so ever. The separate Steam Workshop is a fantastic touch too. Only crashed one time. As it stands, there are only two things I can really comment on, but take them with a grain of salt because I'm very well aware it's early access. However since both of my suggestions don't seem to be 'confirmed' features, I'm hoping my mentioning them will give some weight toward the decision to add them. Controller support. This was pretty big disappointment, having played Don't Starve with a controller since day one. Hopefully it'll be added eventually. When? Doesn't matter, really.Reign of Giants. I know this is probably a huge request but playing Reign of Giants for as long as I have been, it seems like a major portion of Don't Starve is just.. gone. Of course I know if this does come, it wont be for a while so my mentioning it is purely a request. I've got the patience. I'd just like to know it's coming eventually.Side from these two things.. fantastic work. I eagerly await to be a part of this early access as it progresses. Thank you so much for giving those of us without a key, an opportunity to purchase a way in. My friend and I split the $5 fee so $2.50 each to get into the early access is absolutely great.
  2. Sounds like, to me at least, Maxwell isn't very happy.
  3. Two One thing: Will the content in "Through the Ages" (like mounting) be exclusive to DST or only the multiplayer specific content? I'd love to see more content for the single player mode in addition to the single player. <3Does owning the game on Steam have any impact on eligibility to purchase a DST key, most namely.. availability - will we be able to purchase a key exclusive to DST via Steam and if so, at the same time as everyone else or later?I do think this is all great news though and I'm always really happy to support Klei and Don't Starve, so you can bet I'll be buying early access. I'm pretty eager to get in and see how things are coming along. ^^
  4. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    "Why is its' butt all pink? ... OUCH. WTF? OH CRAP. CRAP. CRAP. CRAP. CRAP"
  5. Jeez, I don't own a Vita but this might be reason enough to jump the gun and get one. Pretty fantastic. You guys are awesome.
  6. Wilson Model [3D Studio]

    I might return to it to make adjustments but for the moment, this is the final piece. :]
  7. Wilson Model [3D Studio]

    Wow, I'm actually overwhelmed by the positive response here. Thank you, guys! Here's a progress report. I still have to detail in the clothes but I think it's coming across pretty nicely. ^^
  8. So this has been an idea I've been meaning to do for some time now but just never got around to it. However around 1am I decided "Why now now?" and decided to give it a shot. I ultimately hope to finish it but as of now, I'd love to know what you folks think. ^^