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Chester Kickstarter

Chester Kickstarter

Chester Kickstarter

Chester Kickstarter

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Found 16 results

  1. My buddy Jaymonius and I made a mod for Stardew Valley that replaced the pet dog with Chester! Mod Page
  2. Hey buds! Check out my Don't Starve series, any kind of feedback, comments, likes and subscribes are really helpful and appreciated!
  3. My Parody Repository Area

    Because of my numerous parody posts on this throughout my many many replies (wow, over 26 pages' worth of threads I've replied in at the time of this OP mid-December, 2013,) and requests for the, "Can you tell me where you posted that [requested parody link thing] again," I've decided to make a place-a repository if you will-for my work. Whether you consider it funny (Please? *sniff*) or not I'll leave that up to you. What I can't promise is this is a place where you can request things and I'll do them. Muses (even parody ones-when they aren't all with Weird Al Yankovic-)are a fickle thing, and an idea may or may not inspire something (or something IMHO worth posting.) My parodies often come from something inspired by a simple word, phrase or song idea/pun I used in posting a reply and not a linear "what if" idea. So you can ask, but I can't promise it will bear fruit (even with lots of fertilizer.) So, here is the (recovered) collection of parodies (mostly DS at the time of this OP, and "Chester Day" may or may not be accurate in timeline placement) in chronological order. (Note: Some replies were just one or a couple of lines and/or weren't IMHO that funny once the original post was replied to. I have let them stay buried in obscurity. if you really wish them, find them, link them, request them, and I'll add them, but they won't be historically posted in order of creation of course. ) May the Higher Power you follow help us all.... And to celebrate the occasion of this new thread, I even have created a new one (at the time of this OP) regarding the overpopulating vermin of the surface should they follow you from the caves loyal friend who only asks for minerals and safety: the Rock Lobsters! Who knew something already created as parody tribute to the B52's song would have been my toughest one yet? (Those dang sounds were impossible to put in parody context I tell ya!)
  4. Typed this out while providing feedback on balancing the multiplayer aspect of the upcoming DLC, but it was more a general suggestion so I decided to make a thread about it rather than tack it onto my already lengthy set of suggestions. (really to keep it neat I had to make two posts or I would've gone insane from disorganization >_<) Anyways without further ado, here's what I've got~ Chester I propose a new system to chester: slotted enhancements. What this would be is that instead of nine (twelve with shadow chester) slots, chester will have 6(9...) slots for storing items, but also another three slots to place gems in. Depending on what gem you place in the slots, Chester will gain different effects that get stronger if the same gem is used repeatedly. If at any point you don't like the effects the gems add, you can simply take them back out or rearrange them to fit your needs. Proposed effects: Red Gem lvl 1 - Total fire resistance, just like Willow.Red Gem lvl 2 - +5/min sanity aura. (life-giving amulet is +2, pigs are +25. Chester is more permenant than a pig, but amulets are directly given to the player rather than having to stand near a mob to gain the effect. Standing right on Chester should cancel out sanity lost from night time, but you have to be directly on him)Red Gem lvl 3 - Gives off light similar to an electrocuted lightning rod, but the glow is red. Blue Gem lvl 1 - Will keep food inside it cold for longer.Blue Gem lvl 2 - Chester is immune to freezing and will freeze mobs that try to attack it similar to a player wearing a chilled amulet.Blue Gem lvl 3 - Will greatly increase life of food stored inside it. Essentially this and the first upgrade will both double the time food take to spoil, and stack with each other. In the case of a snow chester, the first upgrade only stacks with his natural cooling power. A level 3 blue gem on a snow chester will completely stop items from spoiling while inside him. (note this would require 9 blue gems since it takes 6 to spawn a snow chester...possibly the devs could make it so Chester eats the gems in the enhancement slots to become snow chester, making it 12 total for this effect, but then there might be problems with shadow chester unless they make it require 3 purple gems as well as the nightmare fuel to spawn shadow chester) Purple Gem lvl 1 - Chester teleports away from attackers when struck, which if my other proposed changes to Chester come about he will continue to run away from his attacker until they stop being agro on him/he decides he's too far from the player and runs back to you. (based on telelocator staff)Purple Gem lvl 2 - Chester has a -5/min sanity aura, which is the same as night time. (based on nightmare amulet's effect)Purple Gem lvl 3 - Items that spoil inside Chester will turn into nightmare fuel... (this doesnt affect rot, so you can't just farm rot for nightmare fuel, the item has to actually spoil inside of Chester) Green Gem lvl 1 - +5/min sanity aura. (note all sanity aura bonusses stack, so 2 red gems and a green gem would be +10 sanity per minute)Green Gem lvl 2 - Chester gains an additional +10 sanity aura. (green gem=construction I wanted a gem to be used for mainly sanity gain, and green gems are rareish so here) (I'm also up for suggestions on how to impliment something construction-based to Chester that wouldn't be a nightmare for Klei to code)Green Gem lvl 3 - Chester gains an additional +10 sanity aura, effectively becoming a permanent pigman that can store stuff instead of help you chop trees and fight. Yellow Gem lvl 1 - Chester becomes faster, and has a +3/min sanity aura. (Magiluminescence increases walking speed and gives sanity)Yellow Gem lvl 2 - Chester emits light equal to that of the Magiluminescence or a torch. (Yes the tier 2 yellow gem is stronger than the tier 3 red gem, but yellow is a lot rarer than red)Yellow Gem lvl 3 - Chester will provide warmth to nearby players, about the same as a low to mid-tier fier would. (star-caller's staff provides heat when used) Orange Gem lvl 1 - Chester becomes faster, and has a +4/min sanity aura. (Lazy explorer/lazy forager, pretty sure the speed was from the walking cane in the lazy explorer but whatever xD)Orange Gem lvl 2 - Chester will automatically pick up items off the floor until his inventory is full. (should happen relatively quick considering he only has 6-9 slots...)Orange Gem lvl 3 - Chester will never be attacked by least until you remove the gems. The reason the orange gem is +4 sanity regen instead of +3 like the yellow gem is that the yellow gem upgrade path provides light, which effectively increases sanity at night by letting you avoid total darkness and the night monster. :3 The highest sanity regen by mix-matching gems with this setup is +12 with an orange, yellow, and green gem. Red gem is low-tier light/fire resistance, blue gem extends spoil times, purple is defensive/insanity, green is pure sanity gain, yellow is higher-tier light and warmth, and orange is a utility/defensive gem. e/ It's been suggested instead of a constant light source, Chester becomes a walking campfire and need to be fueled in order to keep providing light. It's also been suggested to have Chester 'eat' the gems in some way over time to provide the effects.
  5. So here I have a don't starve game cover it needs a little bit of work but its my first run on making this kind of thing any ideas? Btw I have a youtube channel and it is I play don't starve and other games. But back on topic here is the jpeg form fell free to edit it and repost it below I really want to see what you guys can do thanks! Tell me what you think its my first time doing this XD
  6. Willow Cosplay

    Willow cosplay made by myself and IdentityFox Cosplayer: IdentityFox Photos: Me
  7. My Chester Plush

    I made this last year in October and I thought you might like to see him -IP
  8. So I found a chester eyebone and when i picked it up the chester appeared, but after I load this save the chester just randomly runs away from me, once I found him trying to jump off the cliff. P.S: I have this issue on the other worlds too. Platform: Steam. Version: Latest. Doesn't need mods to reproduce.
  9. Seeing such wonderful Artwork for such a glorious game I decided to use my horrendous wonderful talent to create some Art work, Enjoy and constructive criticism is welcome!
  10. Ok before I begin I will address all the characters and ages Wilson age = 30 Willow age = 16 Wolfgang age = 45 Wendy age = 13 Wes age = 27 Woodie age = 38 Maxwell age = 56 Wickerbottom age = 65 WX-78 age = no age And Me! Bilfy age = 13 Let's begin! Chapter 1 :Purgatory "Say Pal, You Don't Look So Good." "You Better Find Something To Eat Before Night Comes!" I wake up in a forest in a daze."Where am I"? I stand up."Hm" I could have sworn that plane crash killed me. And it Did Notcrash in a forest. Suddenly, I hear a loud screech. "RAAWWWK!" Then I see a giant one-eyed bird coming towards me. I am staring at it in disbelief, then it pecks my arm. "Agh!!!!!" I think "So it appears I am not dreaming." It pecks the same arm again and leaves a huge bloody gash in it. "Oh my god!" I start to run from the beast,Screaming"Help!Somebody help me!!!". Then I run into a grave, trip over it, flip in the air, and bang my head on another grave and faint. In my head I hear a man's evil laughter "Muahahahaha! Fool. It appears you have already died. Meh, I am feeling kind of generous today. I will give you a second chance". I try to speak but I open my mouth and all that comes out is a hiss. Then I wake up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tell me what you think. If enough people like it i will make another one. Here's a hint on what the 2nd one is about. Chapter 2: The Girl
  11. This thread should be dedicated to all things Chester. Musings, links to art(if you wanna), stories of weird crap that happened involving our fuzzy, fluffeh, fat, loving companion, Otto von Chesterfield. I'll open it off with a question. Where's the weirdest place where you've ever found the eye bone?
  12. Hey guys! My friend just got the best idea I've ever heard. Here it is:The character is called "Chestette". A female, pink version of Chester. She has a red bow on her head instead of horns. She has a purple tongue and purple feet. Unlike Chester, Chestette respawns in half of a day. Chestette is slighty faster than Chester, and it's very hard to notice. If you give Chestette petals, she will go faster for 30 seconds.Getting her: To get her, you have to prototype an eyebone. But it's not an ordinary eyebone. The first thing you need to get this eyebone is to get bones from skeletons. To dig up skeletons, you need to use a shovel, and that will give you 3 bones. To get the eye, you have to defeat to Deerclops and get it's eyeball. Now it isn't so worthless. Then, you would need 15 petals for the bow on the eyebone. This eyebone is almost the same thing as the regular one, but, it has a red bow on it. *You cannot prototype another eyebone, even if you die. The eyebone cannot set on fire. Unlike Chester, Chestette re-spawns in half of a day. Chestette has a higher pitched voice. Chester and Chestette: Chester and Chestette are one of the best combinations in the game. If you have both of them together, Chestette would be able to lay a "Chestnut" every half-day. You can eat them! If you eat the Chestnuts, you get +30 Sanity +5 Hunger +5 Health. But, if you are willing to save up to 12 Chestnuts , you can get a... drum roll please.... BABY CHESTER! He's not really sure how a Baby Chester would look like, so be creative since it's your game! Baby Chester can hold up to at least 4 slots. If Wilson examines Baby Chester, He says: "Awww, he's so cute!". *Chestette cannot get another Baby Chester no matter what. But don't worry, he will be able to re-spawn in a quarter of a day.The good things about Baby Chester: He is faster than both Chests combined. He has a really high pitched voice, (higher than Chestettes's). The annoying things about Baby Chester, because everything in Don't Starve has to be annoying, even a little: He will want food once in a while. It will whimper like a little puppy would when it's hungry. At least 5 seeds, or 3 carrots, and 1 berry should do the trick. You can use any fruit or vegetable from farms. So you don't have to worry about running low on basic food supply. *Baby Chester will not eat meat! If any mob in the game, (including you) attacks Baby Chester or Chestette, Chester will be hostile for about 1 minute. He goes faster, but he is easy to outrun. Just to keep Chester balanced with the other relatives in the Chest Family, if you decide you kill Chester, or Chestette, you will get 2 "Beard Hair". If you choose to be a soulless monster and decide to kill Baby Chester, he will drop 1 Beard Hair, and all the other items he was carrying. Killing baby Chester will also give you +20 Naughtiness Points.All credits go to my friend Michael. His Steam username is: Butchthebird. My Steam name is Demo-Knight-Ham-Man. If, for any reason, you need to contact us, please do so! *Also, my friend has another idea he wants to tell you guys. It's called, "The Thirst Meter". "The Thirst Meter" goes down faster then the Hunger Meter. But it is kind of easy to get water, the most important thing you'll need are "Water Pouches". Water Pouches can be made with 2 Grass and 1 Twig. You do not need a science machine to make it. Also, my friend has another idea he wants to tell you guys. It's called, "The Thirst Meter". "The Thirst Meter" goes down faster then the Hunger Meter. But it is kind of easy to get water, the most important thing you'll need are "Water Pouches". Water Pouches can be made with 2 Grass and 1 Twig. You do not need a science machine to make it. You can get Water Pouches from the lakes, make them a bit more common so many people don't die of thirst. You can also get Water from Oceans, but I wouldn't recommend you to drink it, it lowers -50 thirst. You can convert the Salt Water to Fresh Water if you make a "Purifying Machine". Purifying Machines can be used to turn Salt Water into Fresh Water, and you get 1 "Salt". Salt can be used to make junk foods in a Crock Pot. One Fresh Water Pouch is enough to fill up your whole Thirst Meter.You can keep hydrated from berries or other fruits.*He has a recipe that uses salt: 1 meat or 2 morsels + any vegetable + 1 salt = Beefburger +15 sanity +32.5 hunger -0 health.Recipe for the "Purifying Machine": You need 6 logs and 3 rocks.*Salt is also edible,but, : -50 Thirst -10 Sanity +10 Hunger
  13. My loved Child in the "Dontstarvism"...
  14. Bounce like chester!! I was walking around in my world with chester and I thought,"Wouldn't it be cool to bounce like him? So i thought of the master idea...... A POGO STICK It could be crafted with 1 gears and 2 gold and Chesters eye bone (you gotta sacrifice a little bit to have his super powers...) Durability could be like an umbrella. Mechanics could be like this- you equip it, and click and hold down on the spot you want to bounce to. When you have the pogo stick equiped you cant move and there will be a power meter you see when you hold down Look closer, your eyes deceive you Anyone agree? For anyone who thinks im serious im just joking. It would be cool to have one though
  15. Unfaircogaming - Don't StarveYou're looking at the first DS Video i watched, at first i was weirded out when i first saw it, but then after watching a couple of videos, i started to understanded it! I had fun watching these!
  16. Guys, what do you do with outworn stuff like 7% log suit, or 3% spear.. Personally I can't just drop it somewhere in world knowing that it will never dissapear. So I'd like to have an ability to repair them (with its source materials or by merging with equivalent item), use it as fuel, or dump it to some trash bin.Also, another small suggestion - when I getting to some combat and chester follows me, I sometimes accidently hits him with ctrl+spacebar. However, friendly pigs can't be hit with ctrl+spacebar, only with direct ctrl+lmb. So can you guys make chester friendly as pigs?