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Found 37 results

  1. Hello. What do you think about gas map, that shows where is oxygen, where is dirty oxygen, where is chlorine, where is carbon dioxide and hydrogen? I undestand that playes may see at without any overlay map, but it will visible only on highest concentration.
  2. Hey there! I have a small request, can someone create a mod which generates an empty map? Like only some tiles to spawn or only 1 small biome? I have no coding experience at all, but I'm pretty sure my request isn't that hard or I think so. Why? I have mods and tools to edit tiles and I want to create a custom map for DST! Hope this is somehow possible! Greetings
  3. Possible enhancement: add mini map for ease of navigation, minimizeable, recommend bottom left screen.
  4. ^This. Seriously.
  5. So I was messing around with world generation and using console to reveal maps, just seeing how different settings affected each map, and I came across this. I have never ever seen two wormholes leading to a single island before, and I have played A LOT of maps. I've seen islands, sure, but this?! Crazy! Unfortunately the exits of the wormholes were really close to each other on the map, making them not very useful.
  6. Just wanted to post a pic of my current world map. I am building my first ever mega base world and though this map wasn't perfect, I've really tried to make it unique. I was hoping to see others post an overview of their map to help me get more creative and figure out how I am going to fill the rest of the map. I am a little over 1500 days with this map.
  7. Where's My Map

    Version 2.2


  8. OML READ THE POST SKRUBLORDS Maxwell's lines change after you save her. He can tell the difference. His Adventure mode lines also change. Charlie, oh charlie. Maxwell escaping the throne had some bad consequences? Charlie is not one of Them Charlie is human. It is not her being that attacks them. It is her mind. They force her. Her being is banished to the tropical islands to rot forever Until... Fid messes up her name, Wilson arrives to save her! Then gets shanked Wilson searches for her, but only one man is rumoured to know of her whereabouts, and locked in a cage for all eternity, the key thrown to a stupid Dodo. Woodlegs. He has a map to her... but when he arrives? A flower was left, a rose (or some crap) The second he grabs it, whimpers are heard in the distance, and an amount of radio static. Wagstaff is trying to comfort Charlie, but fails, and when Woodlegs runs up to her? "STOP!" He is grabbed by shadow hands. He must go through 6 worlds to save his DamselInDistress She's locked in the BDSM Nightmare Throne Wagstaff is constantly tormented by screams from his radio. Why did she have to burn that factory? Why? Charlie is freed, but They are stronger. They want her back And they will do ANYTHING, to get her. TL;DR - READ IT SCRUB Charlie's perks and drawbacks. Nightmare Shadows attack her at night. Well, just one. Mr Skits wants his wife back. Her sanity drains at a double rate of normal at night, but she is used to Maxwellian evil flowers. One way or another, She will find the Magician. (Wagstaff is never seen again, instead disappearing, running away. Cue DST and he's made it through the portal. Through the Ages, he has seen some crap. He was beaten to hell and back. But why did the demon do it? FIND OUT NEXT TIME.) WILSON DIDN'T MAKE THE PORTAL. HE DIDN'T MAKE THE RADIO. HE REINVENTED WAGSTAFF'S CREATIONS. *Castawallace lies dying on an island.* One SW Character is auto-unlocked cus why not Dunno where this belongs, but you will love it anyway.
  9. Minimap Icons

    So I am trying to make a minimap icon for my new bush type. local function fn() local inst = CreateEntity() local trans = inst.entity:AddTransform() local anim = inst.entity:AddAnimState() local minimap = inst.entity:AddMiniMapEntity() inst:AddTag("bush") minimap:SetIcon("berrybush.png")This makes it have the same icon as a berry bush but if i try and change that to a path or to anything else it just doesn't show up. No errors. Where should I put the image, what should I code to get it to show up? Thanks
  10. I am prettiest princess!

    All you otheh princesses think you can out pretty me! Well too bad ye bacon loving potatoes.
  11. A pen would be better, so i can draw on my own map. I don't If its posible to make a pen draw on our map.Use Charcoal + Sapling = Pen be able to mark on Wilson's map.
  12. Is there a way to save the map or re use it? I like when I'm given the option to choose to play it hard or make it easier. The spirit of the game might be yours, but how I want to play it, is mine
  13. Hello guys!On this topic i will post some of my fan-artsI don't draw so well...Wes as a cat: s2Bored Wilson cat: NYYAAAW S2Sorry for bad english,i'm from Brazil s2
  14. It would be great to add a small Pig House icon on the map once discovered, and if there is a lot of pig houses bunched together (let's say in a village), then have 1-2 icons on the map in that location. This would make it so much easier to revisit discovered pig houses along our travels!
  15. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73726 Issue title Bug with digging graves Steps to reproduce When I dug up the grave, sanity not decrease. Describe your issue Please fix it because it not normal.
  16. Map Strategy

    Here is a map tip that might help people have a more stable start to their games. One thing I do is I always start a game with a cartographer run. I only collect enough materials and food to survive and spend most nights running with the torch, following every road. (It appears that when a road ends, it marks the end of the land. An end of the road seems to mark a dead end on the map). If I find points of interest, I will reveal more of that map (beefalo, wormholes, wooden thing, reed swamps, pig towns (especially if there are bush farms), pig king, graveyards, spider biomes, bee biomes, etc). After I am content with what I find, I go to my map, zoom out and screencap. I then promptly kill myself and retry (when you retry it uses the same map) for a serious run. Example of my cartographer run (+ photoshop): This way, I know where everything is, and I can beeline straight for the resources I want first to have a stable base as soon as possible. Fortunately on this map. The graveyard had a wormhole that went fairly close to the Pig King. I was able to dig a ton of graves and then run to the wormhole and cash out for about 2 stacks of gold in one go. also, if you are looking in a position that you might die, quickly open your map, zoom out, and screenshot. If you have photoshop, you can then layer your new map over your old one and erase the fog of war from one or the other to combine both maps.
  17. I don't think there are any structures that are made upon world creation(igloo is generated during winter i think and ice gem too).
  18. I just thought I'd start a thread to give all the good reasons NOT to trust pigs. And before [MENTION=9385]fear_town[/MENTION] starts ranting about threads, this is unique. 1. They eat any food on the ground2. Werepigs3. Werepigs4. Werepigs5. Werepigs6. Werepigs7. Werepigs8. Werepigs9. Werepigs10. Werepigs11. Werepigs12. Werepigs13. Werepigs14. Werepigs15. Werepigs16. Werepigs17. Werepigs18. Werepigs19. Werepigs20. Werepigs21. Werepigs22. Werepigs23. Werepigs24. Werepigs25. They smell.
  19. Hello, I recently picked up Don't Starve and I've been playing the heck out of it. Just wanted to stop in and say thanks to the devs for making such a great game and give my own two cents about what could make the game even better than it already is!1. Permanent bed. I would love to be able to make a structure that allows to me sleep every night. Perhaps this item could have a very high material cost, e.g. 10 nightmare fuel, 10 papyrus, and 5 red gems and would diminish hunger through the night like the Straw Roll does, or diminish Sanity instead!2. Map stuff. Perhaps there could be an option to unlock the map, allowing players to re-size it and fiddle with transparency settings. There could also be an option for the map to not pause the game, and another option for high-res textures on the map.3. An option to change key bindings. This would be quite nice for those who are used to other games.Anyway, I love the game so far and I am very excited to see where it goes! Thanks for giving me a place to post my ideas and I hope you continue to work on this game and make it the best it can be!-PaladinWat
  20. Map editor

    Wow [MENTION=4779]cejoga[/MENTION], this is amazing man! I can't wait til you guys finish this to see what it'll be capable of. Truly amazing stuff, my friend, keep it up!
  21. Found this site that gives recipes and health value for each food, hope this helps!
  22. Hi, so I downloaded (from Steam of course) Don't Starve yesterday and squandered my whole sunday (take this as praise). The game is cool and quite challenging, has a nice feel to it and this wonderful sense of exploration. So let me tell you what my problem is and why I wouldn't recommend it (right now): 1. The island sort of layout: I find it terribly inorganic and boring. You walk around and then there is a bridge (which frequently extend faaar faaar to far (I don't see the point in walking between island 1-3 ingame hours)) and then aha, now I'm on the forest island, and now I'm on the swamp island and now I'm on the beefalo island, rock island, etc. etc. It totally kills the sense of exploration, when I am looking for rocks and I find a different island just run straight through searching for the next exit. Also with the road eventually leading me to the exit of the island and thereby to the next island, exploration is even more meaningless. It doesn't feel like exploration, when I enter an island and I basically know what expects me. Let me tell you how it looked when I started my first game. I had a brilliant layout, I didn't even notice I was on an Island. There was the start of a road, when I followed it, I came upon the plains with all that you need for a nice start and tons of rabbits. After a bit of exploration I found beefallos to the west, beyond that a forest, a graveyard north west, rocks to the north and a swamp and more forest to the east. Far further north beyond the rocks (or mountains as I thought first) was a greater forest with some pigs. After a few plays I wanted to try a different map and found out that they were all sh*t. With the terrain basically isolated to single islands with large inorganic flow breaking bridges in between. Also the road is a nice thing and I'm certainly not against it, but if you'd abolish the island-layout towards a more organic large world layout, you could reduce the amount of road that's there, making the exploratory aspect better. If you haven't figured out how terrible I find the current isolated-terrain-island-bridge-isolated-terrain-follow-the-road-layout let me express it again. ITS SH*T! It looks like a 12 year's old first try with the Starcraft: Broodwar map editor. It's the only aspect of the game that I hate, I love everything else, I love how you set up a camp and gather rescources and die unexpectedly (just 20 minutes ago, I found out that the pigs turn into werepigs during full moon and then kick your ass (another good use of the sleeping mat)). But the horrible island based map layout... 2. Which brings me to the 2nd point: Isometric roads (okay this is more of a aesthetic point, but you know, wrong use of isometric terrain was considered an almost unpardonable faux-pas in modding and mapmaking in Broodwar and 15 years later, you're not getting away with this!). Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against isometric terrain layout per se. What I dislike is the isometric roads. I'm sure all your expensive computers should be able to generate the road as something that is ON the terrain and therefore doesn't need to look isometric. So that's my tuppence. I really like the game, but the island layout just kills it for me.
  23. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number - Issue title Stuck on thw world creation screen Steps to reproduce create a new test world Describe your issue i stared at the screen for maybe 2 minutes until i thought im going restart it, good news it worked and i can play still felt like it needed to be report just in case other players have the same problem
  24. i was thinking about having a little more variety in this game (when it comes to food) Having large game included in this game would be interesting to see (in my opinion) maybe something like a deer could be added to the game. Large game could result in more amounts of food, but would be much more difficult to acquire just an idea