Burned out

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So...I like Willow...

Yea, already asking for trouble.


I was wandering between servers, looking for one where either people were actually working together, or the resources weren't all turned to ash. I eventually ended up in some dedicated server, and a friendly little robot ran past the spawn, offering to show me the main base/camp. It actually wasn't that far, and resources along the way were plentiful; even the spawn had a few un-chared trees, there were berries to pick, ect ect.


We ended up finding another Willow along the way. When we reached the camp, it was a swarm of Wilsons, two holding lighters from Willows who had perished in the days before. An abandoned Abigail's flower lay on the ground. I and the other newcomers split up, exploring the base. I pick a couple berries from their farm of 30+ bushes and head north, looking at the available machines, racks, ect, trying to figure out what they're missing, and what I should go looking for when I leave the base.


I decided to get a few twigs from the farm in case I run across any flint for tools, so I went back south. Suddenly, the farm bursts into flames, and the other Willow runs past me, diving into a chest and pulling out a pickaxe to replace her lighter. I run into the farm, trying to think of what to do, and realizing that I have absolutely no idea how to put out a fire. I also realize that I'm holding a lighter, and that the mob of Wilsons are staring at me.
I look to my robotic friend for assistance, but he turns away, shunning me.


TL;DR the other Willow burned half a base down and I got banned for it. Is it so hard to believe that there are wholesome Willows in the world? :(

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That's just sad, there you were thinking it'll be a great group to play DST alongside with....but no. The world is simply too cruel. You really should've talked to the group and/or whenever you see randomly lit fires, chat it out instantly. So people know what's up.

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Don't Starve definitely needs a mechanic for putting out fires.


[spoilerS (sort of)]


There already is, but it's in RoG


So once RoG becomes integrated into DST there will be less griefy Willows! :)


By the way, I'm not saying that the OP is a griefy Willow, I definitely feel for you - my favourite character is Willow too, and this has happened before :(

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