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[Request] Favorite/bookmark a server

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I like this idea and I was wondering too if could be done some kind of "recently played with" list, I know we can add the players we're playing with via steam and then contact them later, but sometimes occurs a dc or they leave so quick we can't remember the names, so I think something like that would be useful

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I agree wholeheartedly.  I was just coming here to post the exact same request.

Some method of remembering which servers you have characters on would be handy.  Either by having a method of making some "Favorite" or through a connection history .. or something.

Thanks for making an awesome game and for listening to our feedback :)

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a connection history
 There's actually a History button on the main screen that is supposed to do this. The screen it brings up doesn't work, yet, though.


But you can filter servers by whether you have a character on them, which kind of fulfills the "favorite" role, although I agree it would be nice to have something closer to that.

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