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  1. Cheers. If I have an 8 slot Forest does it have to be 8 slot cave? Thinking of upping the server limit (not just yet) as constantly running at 8/8
  2. I haven't played DST in a long time. Does it still need two servers?
  3. Also using Citadel Servers and have on and off for months. Never had any problems with them, and they have been quick and efficient (within realistic limits) with resolving any issues I have had. Would gladly use them for other services.
  4. Thank you. I passed this information to my host (Citadel Servers) who got in touch with you at the time to resolve it. Thanks again
  5. Not working for me, it just sits on the Deerclops loading screen:- Cant connect at all (with Steam auth on or off) since changing the BIN file as shown above. Once I delete the Steam file in /Bin it works as normal (with steam auth off).
  6. This has my full support. Had a few times friends havent been on, DC spawns and its game over.
  7. I bought this soley on the good work Klei have done in the past, and they have impressed me once more. Thank you for another great game.
  8. Grinds my gears too when she doesn't
  9. I was wary of renting a server in France (I live in Wales, UK), but have found the ping times to be fine. I notice no difference between a France/UK hosted server (just giving my feedback as a customer of theirs)
  10. I remember when I first started and everyone was dumb, we died and I enjoyed myself so much. Now a thousand hours into DS/DST I just cant abide stupid mistakes, and cant tolerate playing with randoms any longer, but cant find anyone to play with Life was so much better when I sucked.
  11. Could you PM me an IP I could ping of a french data center please? I was considering renting a server, but as they weren't UK hosted I didn't proceed with the order. Thanks
  12. How does the server cope with 32 players? Hosts Id tried before we're dying once the server reached 3-4 players with bad hosts warnings..
  13. Customer service has been excellent for me when I have had queries with them, even after I have cancelled they have been more than prompt replying to me. Honestly, two separate logins is no issue at all, if anything it is more secure. Id recommend them. Once the game is more optimized, Ill be returning to them (and JestServers) for hosting.
  14. I use rented servers Have used Jest(http://jestservers.com/about/) and KillServers (http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/50699-killservers-is-offering-dont-starve-together-dedicated-hosting/#entry613570 ) as hosts (Dread is also providing profiles in this thread). Both hosts have the same issues, and are run from their UK centres. To both systems I generally average a ping of around 20. Will most likely be tomorrow for me, as in the UK here.
  15. Yes (including a freshly spawned world). We were only able to get 4 players on when I password protected the server earlier today, but there was no indication of the server even going 'Ok Host', which it normally starts doing 2/3 people in lately. Once I restarted and removed the password, the server once again seemed slower. Its settled down a bit today, and seems to be hitting 'Bad Host' as soon as we pass 5 players. I have set the limit to 5 (from 6) for next time the server restarts. I noticed 0 difference in lag with 'starting items' and 'Renewable World' disabled. Have just taken a profile with 6 and attached. Kuldiin18feb15.zip