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Question about Miner Hat

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Yes i have asked the community this before.One person tried but the pig may have went back into it's house and something happened idk and so the data was not confirmed i'm going to go and see if i can find the link.If you wish to proceed with the experiment try trapping the piggy so you can monitor it 24/7 or at least until the hat dies,or not........

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I tried before, when I put a 18% miner hat on a random pig at my campsite.

Well, I was expecting it to run out, which it does. What happened was that the Straw Hat that's supposedly to respawn after the use of Miner's Hat, it gets placed into the pig's inventory (It's the only way to describe). The Straw Hat didn't get shown on the pig that had it, but after a Royal Rumble between 16+ pigs at my campsite, the Straw Hat dropped together with the Meat.

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Just something I've taken note of, rather than actual research - I have a chest full of gold nuggets, so when one miner hat runs low, I just make a new one and toss the old one into the machine. Just so happens that I have a pig neighbor nearby, so I just go "Oh, lets try it for SCIENCE!" and put it on.

It's good to share the result, anyways =)

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