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  1. Hey. I can't find PM (I am from mobile). I have a nice suggestions for my favourite game. First, I want to suggest more gamemodes. MC is a never ending game. So, I want to add some GM's to Don't Starve. First is Survival. It is a first, normal GM. Looks like original Don't Starve, but without "Maxwell's Door to Adventure Mode", because now Don't Starve is my favourite game, and I don't want to complete all the game. I don't want to end this awesome wilderness hardcore survival. So, basically, Survival mode is endless. Just surviving, no levels. (I mean not EXP). Then you can unlock Adventure Mode (With Levels) if you have enough EXP. Each mode can be set up with diffulty. Second suggestion is thirst. Salty and dirty water, etc. But 1st suggestion is more important. Anyway, I wanted to see thirst mechanic in Don't Starve.

  2. Devs said there would be a form of "One-way Portal" in the "Story Mode" version, which will tell the lore behind Don't Starve. Couple of us speculated that the "Portal" will be a Boat or Raft (which both is a VERY common suggestion). And it's a permanent transfer. Although I think that, if the map generator is ever coded to have un-linked islands around our main survival island (everything as ONE map), a small boat/raft would add a new fun to exploring the larger world. None of those giantic, sea-faring boats/rafts, but rather a canoe or similar.
  3. Perhaps the Alchemy Engine can work for this, after they change the Research System. What items would you suggest for this to create though?
  4. This is my feedback on the topic, only just reading the OP. - For players whom are more used to this type of gaming, whether Survival or Rogue-like (DS is a mix of both), its easily understandable after a couple of deaths. Genre-experienced players will likely to understand basic progression and prepare themselves (dying to Hound Assault, Tentacles, or Spiders) or take better precautions (dying to Hunger, Light Source, or Resources problem) for the next game. It's like FTL and BoI, you'll know what to do and what not to do after choosing different options to explore. Inexperienced, newbie players will probably find the starting game hard. They will die more often at the beginning, but that's part of their learning process. Once they understand the way to succeed like experienced/veteran players, they should have little to no problem handling the DS world. Noobies on the other hand... Well, they probably need to be spoon-fed/hand-held, just like any other games out there in the world. Or they'll rage-quit and QQ in the forum, like any other games out there. - Regarding the game itself, it's incredibly easy and dull at its current stage. Food is plentiful in the world so Starvation is not too much of a problem. Danger is... Mostly... limited to venturing out to explore the land. There's also a lack of goal (Story-mode type of goal), so there's little that a player can do once he/she has mastered survival. The things that is available to do currently is limited to: - Exploring the Map - Trying out all the items available in the game - Trying out all the characters and their unique traits - Fortifying the base of operation Further advance stuff is limited to: - Locating the ultimate "Sweet Spot" for and against all kinds of attacks - Items combo that works excellent in conjunction - Beautifying the base of operation without compromising defense - Self-created goals After that, replayability simply dies. I personally haven't tried out Tooth Trap, Fire Dart and Spider Queen. Met a few Spider Warriors before I felt burned out, although I couldn't tell if they were pre- or post-nerfed ones, since I was working when I saw the hot-fix topic. - So, I feel that Early-Game (as well as Beginners play) is reasonably difficult, but Mid-Game is too easy.
  5. ^ A simple advice that I agree with. --- I wouldn't mind seeing the Tooth Trap being interactable with Monster Meat though, much like Bird Trap with Seeds and Cage with Carrot. Although, since Tooth Trap is a damaging entity, I don't know how much of the code would need to be changed to work.
  6. I agree with this 2 advices.[x]Real-Time (ESC/Alt-Tab/Steam Overlay etc does not pause the game) [x]Semi-Pause (Only specific buttons pauses the game, as the current ESC button does) [x]Full-Pause (ESC/Alt-Tab/Steam Overlay etc pauses the game) --- EDIT - I just recall something. This game is going standalone, wasn't it? Or did my memories fail me? Nothing that's really important to the suggestion, since it affects the game no matter what the platform. But since it has Steam topic in it, so I just asked.
  7. I've seen enough to see where this is going --- On topic - Much like others, I like this and hopes to see this being implemented.
  8. It's a fair suggestion, as long as the amount of creatures approaching is reasonable. It'll be rather unfair to throw 30 spider warriors at you - Not only are they unable to outrun, but the combined damage from each jump will probably break BOTH Log Suit and Football Helmet while taking away a chunk of health. Keep the amount reasonable - Defeatable, but not as easy as "Stunlocking" a handful of pigmen to death. --- On another note, I believe Monster AI/Behaviour would be updated? I THINK I saw it from a post somewhere but I can't really remember. And the Day 100 event is a fairly common suggestion, I remember seeing it a few times, though different happenings. This one is about it being a Boss Fight. Please do not necro the thread though =)
  9. Well, it's a good suggestion - random effects makes gameplay somewhat different each.
  10. I'm not too fond of the term "Potion" - Overused term/item, and in DS, there's currently no method of creating glass, making bottles, and storing liquid into the glass bottles to act as "Potion". I've... advice on another topic similar, instead of "Potion", to use another possible method that may fit DS theme with additional item creations before, called Poultice (credits to mobius187 for the term's name). Basic idea is you crush & grind herbs with a Mortar, put on a Cloth, and wrap/bandage yourself to heal (over a period of time). Perhaps your disease/sickness curing mix can be used with food instead, acting like a medicinal pill that needs to be swallowed, or something that fits DS theme more, or easily available to be crafted. Again, it can be as you're suggesting - Experimental. Herb A and Herb B cures Disease, Herb B and Herb C heals minor wounds, Herb A and C cures Sickness... etc, and the player needs to find out him/herself.
  11. I like the idea of Trident, here's my stats advice Pro - Longer reach (1 character distance further, still within Tentacle's range), larger damage (as Toaster Fu said). Con - Slower attack animation, weaker durability (mainly to offset the usefulness), heftier cost (than the current suggested). This needs to strike a balance though, but still able to prove its worth VS the Tooth Trap, yet not have it far too cost inefficient that a Spike/Spear will out-do it. x2 to x2.5 Spear's damage 75 Hit durability x1.5 Attack animation speed (pokey pokey)
  12. Most Epic - Having 20+ pigmen followers... Have a massive Battle Royal! Too bad there wasn't any ham/tail left because they always eat them. Stupidest - Starting a forest fire... Then replant ALL the trees... And set them on fire again! Best - Surviving Spiders and Werepigs with 0 health, I guess.
  13. I remember the Devs said the game is based around 1920 period. We have our own (weird) speculation that Maxwell can pull people from all the time period anywhere into the game. This is with regards to one of the portrait characters inside the DS files showing one of the characters is a robot.
  14. This one? Uncanny similarity.