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Chest Carrying

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I had an idea which is kinda bring more teamwork into it like it requires 2 people to move a chest so you can place it down and pick it up 

Reason why to use it
- Brings teamwork in the game
- If you want to par say move the chest into a forest area and to chop wood and place in the chest 
- Moving items to a new camp like season changes so for example if you have a winter spot where rabbits and buffalo spawn for winter food 

I know there's a Chester involved and backpack but say its a special chest that requires more mates and have more holding space just a idea bring in more team pacific things because the one thing i found annoying was moving things in and out of my best deciding what to take and what not to take because sometimes Chester is never enough  

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As for togetherness, I think this is a plausible direction. Thinking about it more, if it requires two people to move a certain object in-game you'd also have to consider who gets to control which way the pair with the movable chest moves. Makes sense?


To explore the idea a bit more, for a player to go into the pick-this-chest-up state there would be a stationary position & animation of each character leaning towards the chest or maybe just standing beside it in a waiting-position. Then if another player triggers the same pick-this-chest-up state on the same chest and only then if both players move in the same direct, they move as a group to the left or right with the chest in between, but if both players move in opposite directions the chest remains on the ground or falls to the ground into its stationary state if the group happens to be generally moving in the same direction then somehow misaligned their movements. 


With the latency issues we have have now, to have two people move exactly in the same direction before the chest moves will be difficult to implement. Sure, maybe a work-around for that is to only check if both players are moving in the same general direction only then will the chest move. With that, you'll also have to think about the animation aspect, this idea will involve putting more into the game to do something simple.


Still generally a good idea that we should get more togetherness into the game, it being Don't Starve Together and all that.


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Edit: Oops, I didn't realize how long this was until I posted it. TL;DR: Moving chests together would be clunky, but dragging a sled would be pretty cool. I gave some examples for how this could be tuned below.


Doing this with chests seems a little confusing to me, but this could make a lot of sense and be pretty intuitive if it were implemented as a sled (as in like a wood sled).


So you build it, and it has a location. Players can grab one of its ropes (right-clicking on it) and drag it (right-click on it again to let go). When it's empty, one person can drag it with a small speed penalty, but the more it's loaded (in terms of total inventory capacity), the slower it makes you. Eventually it makes you so slow that you're better off dragging it together.


The thing you'd have to be careful with here is making it so that the slowdown works in a way that makes it better to have one sled that two players are dragging than one sled per player that's being dragged slowly.


Maybe... the sled has a certain movement speed, let's say 40% when empty. Each player attached to it adds 50% to movement (capped at 100%). So an empty sled moves at 90% speed with one player attached, and 100% speed with two players. If the sled has 9 slots, then each full slow might reduce the base speed by 10% (so a full sled has a base movement speed of -50%, just a bit too heavy for one player to move, as that would set the movement speed to 0%). Two players dragging a full sled would move at 50% speed, and three or more at 100% speed.


Now, we have to compare this to the productivity of two players each using a sled to carry the same amount of resources to make sure that this setup promotes dragging together. If each player has a sled and loads 4.5 slots worth of stuff onto it (e.g. 90 logs), that would set the base movement speed of each sled to 40% - 4.5*10% = -5%, or 45% movement speed. This makes separating the load just slightly worse than carrying it together.


We can adjust the relative utility of dragging together vs separately pretty easily in this system. For example, if we set the base movement speed to 20%, and give each dragging player a 70% increase, then we get 90% speed dragged by one player while empty, 0% dragged by one player when full, 70% dragged by two players when full, and 45% when dragged by one player when half-full.


Using a dragging-sled model would also make the implementation easier to make intuitive. The rope would give each player some flexibility to move around the sled, but once they are a certain distance from it (let's say 80% of the total rope's length), they are considered to be dragging it, and the sled slides in the combined vectors defined by the sled to each player. So this means that it would be pretty simple to make it so that if you're both dragging in the same direction, it slides fastest, slides a little slower if you're a little off from each other, or doesn't slide at all if you're pulling in different directions.

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I really like rezecib's idea.

I think the other way to do it would be placing 2 characters on the opposite ends of the chest, and then allowing one of the characters to take control. If the other one decides to stop, just clicking button will release it from auto follow and whole transporting  chest thing ends.



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the sled idea is good actually but say like in winter is moves faster because of snow because rough turf makes its heavier too drag but if you say a cart for summer par say that be a good because it has wheels so it moves better so getting the right mats for the season be wise and say like its heavy it drain your hunger instead of a movement penalty because it makes the object of the idea worse because people want the same movement they have just more movement so instead it drain your hunger which makes more worth it and if u have like a snow sled on a summer turf then the movement will take effect same with having wheels on snow you get my idea ? 

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