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Disabling This Trap

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I recommend rolling over this with a spider queen or two. You get good amounts of silk, and more importantly gland to heal yourself when you need to finish the trap off. If there are any merms or pigmen in close proximity, you've got a helpful hand as well.


Deerclops wrecks too, but he goes down too quickly when wandering all the way in.

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Got a couple of rock lobsters. Turned into their rock forms after a bit. They tank, I shank. Guess I can live off of these monster meat for a while. Don't wanna harvest in one swoop.


But plonking a spider nest's also a neat idea. (:



Bonus: First Deerclops woo~ "They tank, I shank."



The reed trap was a screen away but he aggroed on mah homies.  :wolfgangstache:

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