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  1. most likely these past few weeks were just to make sure that everything works and for them to see what the response is so far and seeing how the game is handled. they stated themselves that they disabled a lot of things just to make sure we get to the new asteroids etc pretty fast and final balancing wont be out for a while. i think the beta will come with a pretty big update to the DLC like re-enablement of certain aspects of the game etc. to what extent tho - we'll just have to see. so far the dlc does add a lot of new stuff tho. idk how to feel about it myself yet either tbh but its pretty cool so far and its only the start :).
  2. i mean the game could roll credits or w/e and call it an ending but that wouldnt be very satisfying would it. i'd take the fact we're still getting updates as that the game wont be ending for a long time hopefully
  3. this seems weirdly phrased to me - does this mean that radioactivity be released with early access then? or does this mean u reiterating the reason it wasnt in alpha yet and it wont be in early access either yet? either way is fine to me, theres a lot of content right now already with all the new stuff haha, but i'm not sure how to interpret it :P
  4. Speaking of which, Yesterday i was playing in the NY community server, a survival world with pvp enabled (which makes utterly no sense to me but okay...) While playing with a friend in the early days Alpha_Omega (AKA TrueAlphaOmega) decided to join the world to kill people, because YOLO and what not. While playing he was talking about his macro and blabbering about pvp'ing everybody to death kicking ass and be the (anti?)hero of some sort. (Un)lucky me had the chance to run into this guy. As lazy as i am, i usually play flat down in bed with my laptop on, you know, my lap. Mouse on my mattress. Not the most ideal position to PvP, i dont use any macros and my ping of 100-200 usually does not really help either. I played on that server since some friends of my play there regularly. Anyways, as i said i ran into Alpha_Omega, but i was fortunate enough to find the pan flute as well as a fire staff, and being a wigfrid player i was not really into running away from him with my very fortunate gear. So i first tried to attack him normally... Honestly, whatever macro it may be, he constantly stunlocked and i went through 2 battered helmets, with around 80 health to spare i decided to just keep him asleep/drowsy and just use the fire staff on him untill he died, which worked as planned. But for me, this showed me that a macro, though not illegal, is certainly not fair play as PvP at the moment is just 'who strikes first gets to keep hitting', and thats what kept happening. Than he went blabbering on about how it was not fair that he lost and how i was such a noob that i used that 'OP' gear in need to kill him, that i should have fought him 'normally' (macro is normal?) All in all, this experience showed me that macro using is not a gentlemans act, its about trying to maintain a big ego and being a sour loser when it did not work for you, as showed by my experience with Alpha_Omega AKA as truealphaomega. I'm in no regards a PvP'er, i just use whats given to me to my best call, and that worked out for me luckily. I did not plan on searching this and commenting, but using a macro and blaming me of not playing fair is something i will not stand for. Be a man, play like everyone else or go to wilderness/endless servers which are made for PvP imo, and dont whine about playing fair if you use macros. P.S. Before someone might say 'if you dont like PvP, why do you play in a PvP enabled server' As i said, friends play there often, and i find it to be convenient sometimes to get rid of d*ckheads or griefers who join the server and burn or kill everything they spot on the same day to leave right after. I play for fun, not to be disrespected or accused of not playing fair. I never lie to people just to be able to kill them, i'll always try to help my fellow players. Peace out. i probably wont respond after this, i stated my opinion and for me thats enough.
  5. I do not have the amount of time to look up if it already has been answered, sorry for that. I have a copy of DST(someone gave me a key , and the normal game+RoG I want to buy the frontier pack for 2 keys to give to friends. But since i already have a copy of DST, and DS, steam won't let me buy it as a package, or as separate keys as well as for my self or as a giveaway. Kinda at a loss now , its 75% off so 2 keys for 1 and a quarter was a sound deal for me XD, but onfortunately, i do not know now what to do now.
  6. i actually have never heard any laughs.... now i'm dying to hear it too :'(
  7. Oh yeah i forgot!, become the beaver, eat the tree! lol
  8. Art goes in many ways and forms, so anything creative and kind of cool i guess ^^, this will either be hard or easy for the maker but still. i do not like to put things in boxes, i love to see what other people might come up with , and from there on i might have some changes is mind though.
  9. I think you are missing the point here. Yes you are right 'Griefers are needed in the testing because they can expose how big the current griefing potential is.' It is tested, and the OP came with an idea to reduce the griefing potential. As it is expected and eventually much needed. And it will be tested with more ideas implemented or suggested, and throughout the beta experience everyone will be able to say something, and the developers can get ideas from, to create a good environment where in griefing is not that big of a deal anymore.
  10. Hi there sincerely more creative people than i am ^.^ I would like to have my own special profile picture I have terrible drawing skills, some of my drawings are great, most of them are not, and i would love to do it myself, but i think it would be terrible if i would do it. So would someone be so kind as to make a profile picture for me? , you can be as creative as you like with it, as it is your skill and it should be presented as you want. (however if i don't like it, i wont use it as a profile picture, but you can still show your skill off in this topic of course Sadly i can not give away anything, but i shall mention you as the maker in a signature i will make than Kind regards, Tijmen ^^
  11. The exact reason why i never try to use a translation tool lol, I must admit, i would love to do something for a key, but paying for it is not the right thing to do in my eyes. I too, shall wait , i mean with the progress wait it can't be that long... ^^ right...?
  12. Thank you for bringing up a 2 year old post...
  13. Honestly, 6 tooth traps before a walrus camp works fine to me, i get usually a few tams and alot more tusks every winter and the teeth from the ice hounds gives you a lot of quick resources to make it even more easier, since a few tooth traps will not kill every mob of his team 9-12 tooth traps is enough to kill the hounds, mctusk and weetusk
  14. Laughed at the key giveaway tonight @Twitch where i said 'just chillax guys and enjoy the stream' where a minute later jamie used the !chill as a keyword XD just a sole coincidence probably ^.^, still amusing