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  1. Happy Saturnalia! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and you know what that means? . . . Doctor Who!

  2. Ask the Tree!

    How did you come to be "pre-chewed" rather than "post-chewed" or simply "chewed"?
  3. Yep. From my own experience, it seems Goose Moose spawns as soon as you hear her. But frankly, she is the weakest of the giants.
  4. Sad Mac user without Don't Starve Together. *cue world's smallest violin*

  5. Just trying to clarify: Will I be able to buy the Frontier Pack on the 15th and access DST as a non-Windows user? Or do I have to wait a little longer for Mac compatibility?
  6. Just 13 days till Dies Natalis Sol Invictus! (Or Christmas if you like.)

    1. greenglacier


      Gesundheit mein Freund!

  7. Are the monster and giants really evil, or just misunderstood creatures? (I'm like the Hagrid of Don't Starve.)
  8. Are sheep normally prone to allergies?

  9. Arly's DS fanart and stuff

    Anything catcoon related gets my approval.
  10. My First (Successful) Attempt at Fanart

    I live again! In light of our newest update to DST, I thought I'd draw this majestic creature.
  11. Christmas Catcoon!

  12. A Digital Drawing

    I LOVE IT!!
  13. "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" by the Kinks has been stuck in my head all week!