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(WIP) Human Charlie Mod

Nova Arson

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This mod is currently not being worked on. It may not be worked on again, it depends on if I get my motivation to work on it back.


Edit: Given that this thread has become somewhat popular I've decided to start editing the first post with the latest info for this mod.


About the Mod: This is a Human Charlie Mod for Don't Starve. Charlie is Maxwells Assistant who later turns into the Grue when she and Maxwell are pulled into the Don't Starve universe by Them.


What needs to be done: 


  • Starter Item (Red Trench Coat)
  • Grue Meter
  • Custom Ending
  • Health/Sanity/Hunger Meters
  • Dress Animation
  • Perks
  • Voice
  • Map Icon
  • Save Slot
  • Select Screen
  • Big Portrait
  • Dialogue

Currently working on: The Art 


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Update: Alright, so I went to make Charlies hair. I am using Wendys build, since it's easier. Ran into a slight problem, but I do know how to fix it, so now worries there.


As for Charlie, her hair probably won't stay the same color, this is just going to be a prototype. Any suggestions so far (besides from the obvious stuff I need to fix)?



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Oh hey cool! I can't give many suggestions, but I'm eager to see where you take this!


Thank you very much! I'm hoping to get at least a simple version of the mod done and out to the public before I visit my family (Dec. 15) since I won't have internet while doing so. Hopefully I'll get the bugs worked out of the art and have that up, then while I'm gone I'll work on the dialogue and add it when I return, as well as (hopefully) some updated art, if need be.

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Update: Since I wanted to actually see what I was doing, her skin will be green for now.


Got the hair somewhat fixed. Need to adjust her bump from the side views so they’re smaller, as well as fix the pieces of her hair. Other than that it’s a lot better, though there’s these little black dots on the skin I need to get rid of, not to mention fix her line work for the side views.

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Update: Last one for the night. 



Front view looks better, hopefully it’ll stay that way when I fix the side and back view. At least for the side view the hair piece isn’t just backwards. As for those little dots, I need to go re-color the areas and make sure I get everything. I’ll worry about that once the other stuff is fixed.


As for her body, that part should be a lot easier, at least once I figure out how to do her dress.

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This looks great! I can't give many ideas, but this is a good idea :-) too bad more people aren't seeing this.


Thank you! I'm sure as time goes by more people will see it. 

Update: Front view and back view have finally been fixed, I just need to adjust the torso a bit and make the side view.


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Update: A friend of mine is going to be drawing Charlies dress and her head for me. I'll give them credit in the mod info thing of course. As for the rest, such as the big portrait, save slot, selectscreen, and the rest of her body parts, I'll be doing those myself.

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Update: Alright, got the body parts working. I need to fix her arm, get her dress and hair finished, and actually go over the eyes/mouth for her. She’s starting to look nice, if I do say so myself.




And here's the big portrait. Still need to do the save slot and selection screen one, but I'll do those last.




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Update: I can't do the work at this moment, but later on today I'm going to fix her arm, work on her face, and make a sample dress for her. Her hair will probably remain the same as my last update, so it won't have the little pieces sticking out. I'll be recoloring things to the correct color, then I'll let you guys look at it.

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I think these are all good ideas, you're doing an amazing job. i'm really excited for this mod :-)

Ah, thank you so very much! I'm taking a short break from working on it, but will be finishing the little stuff up tonight or tomorrow, if not both. I'm not sure if the dress, and the hair pieces, will be done by then, but the other parts of her body should be. 

As for the other stuff (such as the dialogue, start item, and a few other things), those will take a bit longer. I'm thinking after I get her starter item, and the little things (health, sanity, hunger, save slot, select screen, big portrait) I'll release the first version, then start updating her with her dialogue (as well as her little special thing where hallucinations won't attack her, along with what I'll have happen when she gets stuck in the dark).

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