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  1. Because of personal reasons I will not be updating here/anywhere for the time being. I simply have lost my motivation to work on the mod. I'll be saving the files and if I happen to get my motivation back then I'll continue working on it once more.

  2. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    Because of personal reasons I will not be updating here/anywhere for the time being. I simply have lost my motivation to work on the mod. I'll be saving the files and if I happen to get my motivation back then I'll continue working on it once more.
  3. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    The Grue Meter will be something in the corner of the screen. If you're left in darkness too long then you'll turn into the Grue, resulting in a game over. More or less a way of telling how long you have until you die/change.
  4. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    To recap what's happening in this mod: There'll be three main things in this mod: A custom item, custom meter, and a custom ending. The item will be a red rain coat, the meter will be something called a "Grue Meter" and the custom ending will be revealed at a later date. Maxwell will still appear in game, but with different speech. Something I want to point out: Charlie is simply a human. She has no special powers. The events that take place with Charlie in this mod are before she becomes the Grue. What I'll be working on: Only the art. Once all the bugs are fixed with the art I'll move onto her item, the grue meter, then then the dialogue and custom ending. Since I'll begin school soon the process will be slow.
  5. I've returned. Happy New Year everyone!

  6. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    The Mod has returned! Hey everyone, I’ve finally returned from visiting family. Well, I returned a few days ago, but had a few things to do. Now that the New Year is here and the holidays are over I’ll be returning to working on the charlie mod very soon. I need to remember where I was/what I needed to fix up and so on. As for any questions people had while I was gone I’ll answer them soon! Happy New Year, enjoy your 2015!
  7. I'll be gone until close to New Years. Will continue updates then.

  8. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    If she was actually the Grue, I probably would. Given this is the human version of Charlie, she isn't gruesome.
  9. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    Update: The Big Portrait is done for the Charlie Mod! Thank you theletterwsartflap for doing this! The picture looks amazing. As for what I need to do, I’m still only working on the dialog until after the new year, but once that comes around I’ll be working on the other stuff for the mod, that includes the select slot that’s just a black box atm. Updates will resume once again in 2015. I'll still be here to answer questions, as well as on my Charlie Blog. Link to said blog is in my signature .
  10. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    I tried that, the dress clips out if it's any longer than it is now. Harp
  11. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    I'm not exactly making her friendly to the shadow beasts, but more of them friendly towards her until she attacks. I actually have the thought that the more Grue like she becomes the more ragged she starts to look, sort of like Maxwell when he starts to look like he's going crazy in adventure mode. If anything, this could be part of a custom ending. When she goes grue enough, or she's almost to that point, if you make it to Maxwell, then you become the grue (but still win the game).
  12. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    What will happen when Charlie's in darkness is her turning into the grue. It'll pretty much still be her getting attacked, but the dialogue will be changed to where she's questioning what's happening to her. As for her campfire being put out, as seronis mentioned, I actually think that could be Maxwell. Either way, the shadow will still put the players fire out, for now at least.
  13. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    I have edited the first post to give better info about the Mod.
  14. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    Update: Because of personal matters I won't be working on the art for the Mod until after new years. This also means that the first version of this mod won't be out until after 2015 starts. During now and until the new year I will be working on the dialogue. That will be the only thing I put energy towards until after all the Holiday stuff is done. Hopefully I do get a chance to work on the art a bit, and by the end of January I'll have version 1.0 of the Mod up. So, until then, I won't be posting updates. I'll check on here until December 8th to answer questions, as well as check the Charlie blog I have up. You're free to give suggestions for the Mod, or ask questions about it.
  15. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    Update: She’s good to go. I still need to do her dress, but I’m getting help with it. I’ll start working on the select screen and save screen thing tomorrow.Once the dress is done, along with the big portrait, save screen, and select screen (and a few little things) I’ll be releasing Version 1.0 of the Human Charlie Mod. There won’t be any more updates until after new year when it’s released. While I’m gone I’ll let people comment and tell me any mistakes/glitches they see with it.