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  1. Wait i'm confused. Did Klei actually make her and where did you find that video?
  2. Is she gentle towards the idea of other players, like since she kills them in darkness and stuff. And like would she have happy dialogue when examining one of the skeletons?
  3. What is her dialogue going to be like?Like more leaned towards the more sinister side or cutesy side?
  4. Maybe you could add some reverse effects for some thing, like having evil flowers gain sanity and sanity goes up at dusk and night or something like that. And she could become more powerful at night and dusk.
  5. I think these are all good ideas, you're doing an amazing job. i'm really excited for this mod
  6. Thanks for the help. I scribble and doodle all over my books but I dont draw full pictures very often, so I dunno
  7. Me too, they terrify me in real life. But strangely the thought of a human sized talking one doesn't
  8. Haha yeah I do, maybe it's a obsession. Who knows!
  9. What would you recommend? I have photoshop and everything, because school gave it to use, so I have used it a fair bit but I wouldn't say i'm much past beginner. Is there a tablet for beginners, or just full out?
  10. I would like to buy a good one but i'm worried that I wont use it enough and then it will be a waste, so im not really sure