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Scary! Anyone experienced this?


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hi everyone,

I'm now alive since about 30 days and started to get bored so I wandered away from my camp...when the night came I made a fire as usual but suddenly *whoosh* it went out (it was just newly built so it didn't run out of fuel), total darkness and something attacked me. Tried to build another torch but couldn't...(it just didn't work...or maybe I was just too scared...?), so I ran for my life...but that thing got me. Luckily I built a meat effigy.

Didn't found any information on the forum about this. Anyone else experienced it?

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well, ok, yes, it was only the darkness. I just found out that it's normal that the advanced fire pit goes out immediately after creation. Back then I got totally scared when this happened cause I imagined some kind of vampire that had the ability to just blow out my fire...

After all, wouldn't that be a nice new enemy? I think it would be great to fear (and eventually fight) some "greater evil" than just spiders...

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