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  1. Fireflies are a dam life saver! Thank the Devs for there blessing!
  2. That Would be Brilliant! Christ can you imagine how tense that would be!Not sure how the resource collection or combat would work though? Maybe needs a little work but i like it!
  3. Although its not a pressing issue, i also think they should to be separated.
  4. In a previous thread (sorry cant find it, anyone know the one am thinking of?) it was mentioned the girls are the current hard mode, as they can not create beard hair it gives them only one life, whereas Wilson can effectivly produce more.Each character will have a special attribute, Wilson's will be the capability to create effigy's, As Em3rgency mentioned Ghosts come from graves, and i believe i read one of the girls will be able to tame these ghosts.
  5. I certainly wouldn't mind a spear or even a bow, especially as they both have perfectly good hunting capabilities.
  6. So far i think they have hit the nail on the head, the spiders are brilliant and i will argue shouldn't be changed but personally am looking forward to see what they do with the swamp.Id like it if those tentacles were part of a larger monster, as you could engineer a 'boss fight scenario' with it.Essentially you could have a bulbous mass summoned via one of the ponds, and the player would have to avoid 'spawned' tentacles, weaving in an out until an opportunity opens to hit it in its face. this way you could achieve a boss fight using the current system.I dont know were they are going with the story yet, but this could add to it, for all we know this could be a place Maxwell could have a debt of his own, send victims to this land to appease some Eldritch horror living there.
  7. Being attacked by angry crows! A group is called a murder after all. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Murder_of_Crows
  8. Do not get me wrong, i think weather can play as vital a role as music in bringing a scene together, its just i feel weather familiar to our own may detract the games surrealism.Am beginning to think rain would suit the Gothic style, but we already have the drastic loss of viability during the night, to much may give the player a feeling of blindness an dissatisfaction, its hard to enjoy that which you cannot see.
  9. A number of people have talked about the idea of adding weather to the game, hence this discussion thread. I would like to start by saying although it would be an interesting addition to the game, maybe even a mechanic, BUT: Do you not think the Addition of weather may Take away the games atmosphere? I put this question forward for the following reason, As far as we know Wilson (as well as the other characters ) have been trapped in a strange world, or even a limbo like state or possible a different plane of existence,the point am trying to make is that this is not a land we are familiar with, or that we should be comfortable with. If weather was added it would add a sense of familiarity, maybe even comfort. This would take away from the creepy atmosphere which i believe the games derives a lot of its strength. For example, Traveling close to the 'coast' you hear wind, and the sound of crashing waves, unnerving but familiar. Travel furthur into the land and delving into the forests, the wind becomes muffeled by the trees, giving it a creepy silence, building up a surreal tension. Would you Agree? or do you Disagree? looking forward to responses.
  10. What if the bag only gave us four slots? This would cure everyone's urge to pick up that one extra item, an keep the chests perfectly feasible? As for materials, you could even have different tiers of bag requiring different items, Although i wouldn't find this idea that appealing.
  11. Perhaps the backpack could take up the Armour/body slot? having to choose the pack or the Armour would allow you to choose weather or not you want the added protection of the amour or the added inventory spaceIf it maybe worked similar to a chest (6 slots), i think i would actually like an fully support this it.Its just a matter of how much space it would add.
  12. Does the rate at which you click actually effect the speed of which you fell the faster? or is there a set amount of time it will take to be cut down?
  13. The current inventory space is fine, if not the right size. At its heart this is a Survival game, and to do so you have to make decisions, do i carry the wood, or the small stack of gold? its thinking like this which will determine weather or not you will survive the night. After watching a pig punch down a tree i attempted to give him an axe, when sprung to mind that they have trotters instead of hands. Then Can not physically hold them. But Try giving them a hat! You raise a good point on having a craft-able map, perhaps a combination of the papyrus and charcoal could lead to its creation.
  14. Although i don't share your level of annoyance i can see where you are coming from, perhaps if there was an option to click or hold in an options menu?With the wood gathering i fully agree, but i wouldn't like to see this added for the combat.