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  1. Okay, it has definitely been a while. Still can't normally log in. I wonder what's going on?
  2. Just checking back to see if the goods were actually SENT to you guys this time. Are you working on it now?
  3. Well it's obviously recognizing me and my email as an existing character. It's just bringing me to a demo for some reason.
  4. Yes. That is what I thought. Thank you. So there is certainly something wrong here, because I have all of these things, but it won't let me log in normally without the demo.
  5. First off, the forums are being weird and going all HTML-mode on me (where it turns into a bunch of hyperlinks with a white background). It only happens every once in a while, and only with these forums. Secondly, and I've had this problem for about half of a month now trying to figure it out, I can't seem to log in to the game normally. I saved all of my information, contacted Google Wallet, tried everything. And yet when I log in using the gmail account associated with the hotmail account that made the purchase, I get to the "Demo" start screen. So it was only today when I said "Ah, screw it, I'll just play the demo and see what happens" and this happened. The pictures show that I am in demo-mode, and yet I still have items that I unlocked (ironically) on my old account. And I have about the same amount of research points, too. Am I missing something? Are these items normally unlocked for everyone who plays demo-mode, and you are given a certain amount of research points?
  6. I have messaged Kevin about it regarding my own account. I advise everybody else to do the same.
  7. @digne, do not post personal information like your order number on a public forum. Delete it if you can.
  8. The email I got was titled "Don't Starve Early-Access Beta" and I found it while sifting through my Junk folder. You should find the Chrome key there.
  9. It's happening to me too. Thought I had to use my other key for a sec there, lol.
  10. Oh I see. So it's basically doing a certain frequency of appearing/disappearing, but partially.
  11. That is truly odd. You did try to restart the game, correct?I'm also having trouble picturing the second bug. Do you mean the plot looks like it actually is being raised off of the ground, or just in a different spot while still on the ground?
  12. Wolfgang? Washburn? Winslowe? Williams? Come on I need another hint over here! Haha. :)Thanks for finally resolving my question you guys!
  13. That didn't answer my question. There are four total characters but only three are currently playable (for me anyway).