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RoG's food spoil mechanism makes it difficult for Wolfgang to store food and to get mighty quickly in some emergency situations, and it hurts Wolfgang more than other characters. To balance this we need a Wolfgang-only recipe that cooks quickly, lasts a long time, AND fills him belly.


Koalefant steak sandwich: 300 hunger, 5 health, 5 sanity

1 * Koalefant Trunk

1 * egg

1 * honey

1 * vegetable

Takes 10 seconds to cook. Spoils after 32 days. Cook it again on fire to reset the perish time.


We can add fries when they introduce potato.

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Wouldn't it be simpler to just hunt a Koalaphant every few days? Not that I'm against a Koalaphant Steak Sandwich, that sounds delicious! But you get two meaty stews' worth of meat out of a single Koalaphant in the first place, with some meat left over if you use something else for the filler slot, and those give you back tremendous amounts of hunger, more than enough for Wolfgang to fill his mighty belly. Not to mention it takes 10 days to fully spoil, so you've got plenty of time to eat them before they go bad or get more in the meantime, granted the Koalaphant tracks are plentiful and you don't run into a Varg in the process, but that's the risk you take hunting down an innocent creature for its plentiful meats. ;)


EDIT: I guess my meaning is you already get a lot from the Koalaphant, why get more just by having a couple items you can get within 10-15 days? (i.e. bird cage, bee box, a stock of carrots or other vegetables)


ALSO, if you really want to not have to worry about keeping Wolfgang in his mighty form, why not invest in getting yourself a Belt of Hunger? I've never made one myself but I hear it's pretty nifty for going a long time between meals.

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Get a bird cage. Then feed the bird eggs to reset the timer, there's your undecaying food source. Honey lasts a longass time as well.

Put a few eggs with a piece of honey in a crock pot for 40 seconds and you got honey ham which gives 75 hunger and lasts 15 days. As long as you keep your hunger about half full usually it'll only take two of those hams to get up to mighty wolfgang. Getting a belt of hunger would help too since that reduces food consumption by 40%


Not that hard to get him up to mighty, considering how cheap the stuff for honey ham is you could probably get him up by the first winter if you find the gold for the science machines/birdcage.

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