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  1. That's actually an amazing coincidence I didn't even know that was a thing
  2. You could draw it, I can learn programming lol Or whatever works
  3. And his radiohead body has the ragtime song for his "voice" Except, y'know, it's in segments or something so it doesn't sound exactly like the song
  4. Haha! Nice. Imagine if that was actually in the game Say, pal... I don't look so good... Sir, btw
  5. I knew I should've looked at mine before I mentioned that Either way, you could make it work
  6. You could definately make it fit, if you wanted it to That would probably sacrifice you being able to put his head back on his body though
  7. What's even the order of member titles? I think it's interesting that I became a member the day of or day after I first posted here Then again, I used my steam account to log on and I've had the game since early beta, so maybe that has something to do with it? Maybe?