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Depth worms: have any tips for me?

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I'm having real trouble fighting deaph worms, i keep getting killed by them. I can hardly manage 2 of them, but now they spawn with 3 and thats just too much for me. The wiki suggests using bee mines but they wont trigger for some reason, even if they emerge right on top of them. Any suggestions?

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Take pigs with you - even if they can't kill the worms they're a good distraction and you can probably get more hits in without being killed.  Or better still bunnymen, but remember not to pick up any meat that gets dropped.


Or play as Wigfrid - I've managed a lot of worms at once, with the help of some bunnies or pigs.


I didn't go into the caves till quite late so I was getting attacked by large numbers, so now I've started a new map where I'm going much sooner, and hopefully they won't be so much trouble while I'm just exploring.


Rock lobsters may be good, but I won't use them since I did one time, and they followed me above ground and started multiplying at a ridiculous rate.  As far as I know that bug isn't fixed yet.

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I use Rocky and his friends. There's a few nearby where I drop into the cave. So I give them a few Scooby Snacks, tell them to attack and hang out to watch. After they kill one or 2 I go and explore my cave without too much trouble. I'm down there a few days so I'm not overly concerned about Rocky following me out of the caves. The few times they did, I lured them into tooth traps, then made a winding wall to keep any stragglers penned in, place a dozen tooth traps just in case they do find the exit.


Bunnymen are good too. But Rocky is a beast!

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It's spelled DephS Worm or Dephs Worms if plural.



Depths* - it has a "t" in there ;)


Personally, I'm a newbie when it comes to depths worms, but I catch about 40 bees before I go into the caves and keep them loose in my pockets. When the time comes, I do a mass release, and they go bat---- on those mother truckers >:]

Make sure to keep some honey on you - enough to sustain them for five(?) days, at least.


They still scare the heck out of me, though. O.O

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