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  1. That free multiplayer dlc looks like it is going to be very interesting. ​
  2. I did not read through all the other replys (so sorry before hand, if someone already said this) but I think it wont be coming to Xbox 1 because of their indie games policy or something along those lines. From what I heard more indie games will be making appearances on ps4. This is probably not the reason why its not on Xb1, im just throwing it out there.
  3. How I usually go about killing giants would be one of the following: 1)Make the giant chase you to a tooth trap field you made. I usually a alot of tooth traps set up to make the hound waves a breeze. They work pretty well on giants all beside the dragonfly ofcourse. They have not effect on the dragonfly.. 2) Old Bell/ Pan flute or ice staff. First use the pan flute or ice staff to disable the giant then walk up to it and ring the bell then repeat. Takes 2-3 uses for the most part 3 unless its the bearger it only takes 2. 3) Gun powder/ pan flute or ice staff. Pretty much disable the giant then run up to it and put a bunch of gun powder next to it then light it with a torch and run away. 15 gun powder should do the trick. Using gun powder is probably my favorite way to kill em.
  4. Upgrade the Scalemail

    The way the scalemail is now I prefer making the chest. The armor could be buffed to 90% (or atleast 80%) damage resistance because you do have to kill a dragonfly to get it!! But with the other effects the armor has I can see why they went with 70% damage resistance. Also a weapon made from the scale that has a chance to ignite the enemy would be cool and balanced because you would have to be in a place with no flammables nearby like the caves and other places.( Atleast I think it would be balanced)
  5. The Hardest Season: Winter or Summer?

    I find summer just a tad bit harder because the resources to make summer gear is a little harder to obtain. For me atleast idk about other people. Or it might just be the fact that I am more use to winter.
  6. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    I am not very far yet but here is my base. I do not use mods because I do not like taking away from the challenge and I like to play the game the way it was meant to be played. I still have much more to do to improve Main: Plantables: Map: