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Player ghosts and visibility

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An idea/thought experiment I had:


* Player ghosts are not normally visible.

* However, Wendy can see them.

* Similarly, only Wendy can see Abigail.


This would be a substantial buff to Wendy in PVP, as now you're taking a risk -- has she successfully summoned Abigail? Is the flower ready? How long has it been?


In co-op, ghosts within a certain proximity of Wendy might appear onscreen for all players.


Something to think about I guess.

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Grave ghosts are visible to all players. Player ghosts should be seen to all players too as well in that case.

Grave ghosts don't suick life/sanity from the world and have a chance for fires burning. I have faith our feedback will help guide the devs to the final ghost player ideration. 

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