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  1. Yes,I agree with you.Maybe also when you sleep in a straw roll?
  2. Weren't you at least a bit concerned that you are in the middle of an unknown realm and need to frickin survive?...So tell me what happend,you went searching for him :DDDD This remains our little secret:me too.
  3. I laughed so hard when I read this!You made my day,mister! Let me guess: you wanted one too?
  4. You got a point.What can I say,I was stoopid until one of my friends told me:"My brother,HE WANTS TO F-ING KILL YOU."
  5. " don't look so good.You'd better find something to eat before night comes!" We all heard that in our first playthrough.My question is:how did it sound to you and what did you think about Maxwell?I gotta confess,the first thing that went through my mind was:"Oi,what a good guy,giving me helpful advice I have on my side!".So...f- me,right? xD
  6. My torch just ran out!

  7. My light just ran out!

  8. You should try to get a better camera and post them on DeviantART!You would be surprised how nice the community can be.
  9. Get that f-er out of my face!I died in my best world because of it!!!