Don't Starve Together- Write on Signs/Stylus

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In single player Don't Starve, there was no point for signs, but with the multiplayer version coming. Perhaps the text isn't legible on the sign itself, but examining it would read the written message. Players could not write over pre-written on signs.

First off: Why?

Essentially, written on signs would allow you to mark your territory, or communicate to players things about a certain area or item while you are not there yourself. Perhaps there is a sign near a chest that reads, "Don't Touch!" or if someone is wandering around towards a dangerous area, but a sign saying "Turn Back" helps tell them. 


How would you write on signs? 

A stylus would be used to write on signs. It would simply be 1x charcoal and 1x twig. 


To conclude, I feel as if writing on signs if almost essential to the quality of Don't Starve together game play.


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I wish I / We could write on signs to.  I already use signs to mark the map, but after a while the signs get confusing.  I'd like to be able to add signs to places to mark the map, and write on the sign what its there for and then have that show up on the map when I mouse over the symbol of the sign on the map.


So, I can say, "Green Mushrooms Here!" and "This Wormhole to the swamp!" or whatever.

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Annoying but nice, maybe make it a large number so its not completely terrible.

Why would it be per reading?  If anything it should be related to the rain.


However, you can protect signs against the rain in the real world as easy as you can build signs.  You can also touch up signs...


Having the text degrade defeats the whole purpose of the sings working as external memory.  I might play Don't Starve, then have a real busy week of work and then come back to Don't Starve 7 to 10 days later and not remember where all the resources and things where that I found not he map.


Granted, while I'm not playing its not raining, but what if the rain degrades all my signs while I'm playing, then I have a long week of work and want to play some Don't Starve and before I can lock down in my memory where everything is again the rains, or reads destroy my signs?


... No, it gets confusing, especially if I've got one character in adventure mode, another in another world, and yet another in another world for some reason... Like say, I've got my long-living survival mode character, my adventure mode character, my other character I tried out and liked so decided not to delete, and then the character I used to show my friend how to play the game without giving them too many spoilers that they might see on day 100+ ... also, so that I could show them things without risking or upsetting my the fragile state of one of my other characters...


... And with all that going on, I have to remember where the closest green mushroom is to my base, or where the mushroom circle was on the map, or which wormhole lead to which other wormhole on the map?


I like things hard core, but this is a game and we don't all live and breath it every day of our lives like some people do.  Granted, some of us wish we could, but not all of us can. (Aside from the fact that playing games is my life right now.)


The point is, signs to mark things for us later would be nice.  Unless we're all expect to go back to the old pen & paper days of mapping out dungeons... As fun as that used to be, its rather messy and I don't like using paper for anything these days.  I like the paperless office idea... Except, also for life.

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