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  1. omg i want the d this is so good.
  2. Well its a touchy topic, its fueled off of the flame that is people who want to eat other people and the people who find them disgusting and tell them. Note: I changed my vote to yes.
  3. Ohohoho I've had that feeling before, It happens to the best of us Tiddles. Edit: I just thought of this, Do you think that JaRDev still has a copy? (Obviously much older). Edit 2: Note that If I'm prying too much It's not intentional.
  4. Hopefully this isn't asking alot but for people learning could you release the code for it; to limit the amount of people who would actually try to play it you could put it on github. There was alot of cool things in this that I wanted to look through to see how you did them and I was saddened by this mod being abandoned.
  5. That should actually be a feature not the gobblers thing but the meaty thing; Wolfgang in his full form yield more meat than Wolfgang in his weak form or full form vs. Wes. Speaking of Wes hes gunna be an interesting thing on online since he can spam balloons. Maybe make a Ballon Limit option for MP which the Admin can set so the Admin can be like oh only 30 Ballons per Wes; Putting it to -1 would make it infinite which would be the default where as 0 would make it none and make his Balloons useless except for giving the Catcoon.
  6. I like the Cannabilism but I dislike how your going about it; I voted no. I think players should just die as is and drop a little extra meat that only other players can see that says something long the lines of "Huh... Wonder where that came from..." (I quoted this from someone else I don't remember who). Other than that it should be nothing else; No looking like Gobblers or anything stupid like that. Edit: Note: The meat would have to be Tagged as player meat so it wouldn't stack and each meat thing would be separate so specific players couldn't see the meat. The meat could be named "Strange Meat". It would most likely have Stats akin to Monster Meat.
  7. For Perma-death I think that a player should go into a Spectator mode where your a ghost and you can fly around instead of being banned or something along of those lines, you do not affect anything but if a player doesn't want you around they can wack you once and you respawn at a random spot. This would also introduce the possibility of some way of other players ressurecting a player and make a possibility that you'd need the person near by to resurrect them. Now obviously if a player while in Spectator mode was being annoying you'd kick/ban them but I feel this would be a good alternative as well as a potentially fun gameplay feature.