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  1. Are there plans for a ps4/ps Vita version of DST?
  2. If you rearrange the letters of "Hopeless" it spells "Peeslosh"

    1. 23rd


      If you rearrange Clint Eastwood you get Old West Action.

  3. If you rearrange the letters of "Hopeless" it spells "Peeslosh

  4. My point exactly. Who needs Netflix when you have a Crazy Canadian Jacob Black to watch? Nobody, that's who =P
  5. This is very well thought out, friend. Welcome to the forum! I personally think that Woodie and Willow are just entertaining people to watch. They don't appear to have any specific ties to other characters.
  6. Screw that jazz. I'll be debug spawning the **** outa that portal XD I don't have the time in the day to play for very long, no way am I wasting that time in a single player game when multiplier is available.
  7. Are you just posting things for the sake of posting things? This is like your third or fourth meaningless post. A few of them were in the wrong sub-forum too. I'm totally cool with reading more posts but can we have conversation topics that have some depth to them?
  8. XD Funny story time! I was just outside shoveling mulch onto plants for my Granddad, and I came inside smelling awful (because of the mulch) and my step mom said "Wow you smell terrible, Kev." to which I replied "Yea, mulch sucks, it's just a bunch of smelly, wet, dirt." Than my Granddad walks into the room looking really offended. he said to both my step mom and I "Mulch is NOT wet, smelly, dirt and you should be thankful we have it." Than he walked out of the room. My step mom and I just looked at each other with the most confused looks XD!

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    2. PlusFiveCharisma


      0_0 He takes his mulch VERY seriously... I guess lol!

    3. PlusFiveCharisma


      He later said that he was kidding but nobody could tell! He seems so convinced that mulch was the ultimate form of ground cover =P

    4. ThePreChewedTree
  9. I kind of go either way. Sure the purple is pretty and works well with the atmosphere of the game, but the lighting affects look much better with the new dusk. The way the fire pit lets off that yellow-y circle of safety feels much nicer to me personally. If they put the purple tint back in as an option, it would take a whole re-working of the light systems.
  10. What's so great about the pig king? He just gives you gold right? I can get tons of that stuff from the caves =D Btw you seem pretty cool =) mind if I friend ya on the forum?
  11. Again-WOW! Nice planning, chap. I have only seen the deerclops and it was the middle of the night in winter. I was away from my base so I built a fire. When It showed up I had to run circles around the fire all night-eventually getting killed-reviving at the touch stone-and freezing to death XP
  12. Wow! I haven't even passed day 40 in RoGs yet! I am still wrapping my head around base building strategies. I used to be able to pass day 200 in vanilla but RoGs is soooo hard! XP
  13. Yea =D If I go into a public server, I expect hackers because every game is like that. Half the time, I go into public servers just to see what hackers are up to and maybe get some free gear XD When I play "Together" I'll just ask peeps on the forum to come join my private game (None of my IRL friends like Don't Starve D=)
  14. The temptation to spawn items in is very strong. I disable console commands for that reason.
  15. Listen...if you haven't seen OctoPimp's series "50% off" than you're wasting time that you could be spending laughing.

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      (dolphine sound*)

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    4. PlusFiveCharisma


      Me TOO! It's so freakin great, right!

  16. Smart stuff. Thanks man. Happy hunting!
  17. I admire you skill, dude. I haven't even attempted to play as Wigfrid yet because of that whole meat thing. What's your strategy for using her?
  18. That's what I'm gonna do. If my friends and I want to play multiplayer, we don't all want to have to build each individual machine before we can play together. That would be ridiculous.
  19. Thanks! Hopefully others agree too. If this kinda thing catches on than it could be a lot of fun =D
  20. This might just be common sense but I always keep at least 20 seeds in my inventory at all times and two stacks of manure in my chest. This is because in every season (other than winter) you can grow food quickly with manure. If I'm in a tight spot during summer and I can't step out from underneath my tree, I can just plant some seeds and quickly manure them for the days supply of food.
  21. I haven't been able to figure out where to post this topic because it deals with two things: one being multiplayer (Yess!) and another being role-play (Yesss!) So my question to you is, what do you think of this idea. Multiplayer-role-play-servers in Don't Starve? Would it be to hectic and take away from the story arch? Would everyone be so focused on survival that it would harm the role-play aspect of things? I personally think that role-playing in multiplayer would be amazing for so many reasons. 1] Having the ability to visually perceive each character. Most times in a role-play I forget who is what character. If I can see which role-player is Willow and which is Wilson, than it is easier to act on. I don't need to break the feel and say "Hold on, who are you again?" 2] The exploration aspect. Being able to explore the world as a group is very beneficial to the story arch. If someone sees a cave, or a monster, or whatever, than they can thicken the plot with it. When a story is done solely through text, it can often times get confusing and convoluted. 3] The feeling of unity. When I role-play, I like to feel like everyone is participating and adding to the story. In multiplayer, everyone could have jobs and that alone would add to the story. Wilson could say "Willow, go get fire wood, Wolfgang, go collect food, Wes, go get flint." And everyone would work together as a team to achieve the same goal, to survive. 4] Sharing beard hair. I would just adore being able to make greasy beard sweaters for all my buddies. Webber could make everyone gross silky hats. So, what's your take on this? Would you keep role-playing in the forum, or will you brave the treacherous wilderness and wear a sticky beard sweater?
  22. Can we just talk for a minute about honeyham?

  23. Really? The first thing I thought was "Aw hell yea! more to talk about!" I couldn't be more excited for multiplayer. I think your tiers are pretty much spot on. I do however, have to disagree with Wendy. I haven't used her in RoGs yet but in vanilla her ghost sister was always a huge help to me and I think she would be able to help the other teammates during hound fights or boss fights. One more thing. Did Willow lose her fire resistance?