Nightmares and [RoG] Icebox ideas.

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So, first order of business is nightmare hallucinations.

Not the ones you get from being insane, but the ones that spawn from fissures in caves.

The fissures were the most annoying thing added to the game, due to the fact that if they trigger, they can quickly spawn many nightmares to chase . While this is a welcome thing in the ruins, the caves were hard enough with worms. Why did you choose to add the fissures anyway?


Either remove the fissures, or create an item that is more effective against nightmare creatures(or just make the nightmare sword deal more damage against hallucinations-it's made out of nightmare fuel anyway)


Now, here's an idea for the RoG icebox.

Since ice can be stored in the icebox, would it make sense that if there is ice in the icebox, it takes longer for food in the icebox to spoil? Ice could have a minimal spoilage slowing rate, while theIce Cube(the hat thing) has a larger spoilage slowing rate. By slowing food-spoilage rate, I mean making ice/ the ice cube provide a stackable spoilage slowing effect.


Or, an alternative would be making iceboxes require ice as fuel to stay cool. Providing a 75% slowed spoilage rate while fueled, and a 25% slowed spoilage rate when not fueled.



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Hey =)


Nightmares fissure: I personally love the fissures, nightmares seeping through from the ruins is a really nice addition to the caves. While it does make it harder, it is a good way to ensure that the players are always on their guard, because you never know when you walk around a fissure that could open at any moment (because they are barely visible when closed). In my opinion, it really adds to the overall ''creepy feeling'' of the caves.


My suggestion would be to learn to use them to your advantage. Once you have spotted a couple of them and are aiming at going in the ruins, they are a pretty good indicator of the nightmare cycle in the ruins without having to go down and check every 3 seconds. I usually go take a look for half a second while staying far enough from them to avoid any shadow creatures that might have spawned. Once I notice they entirely ''turn off'', then it is safe to proceed to the ruins, because what is worst then climbing down the rope to the ruins only to face 4 terrorbeaks at the same time as a depth worm attack ?


Icebox: This suggestion has already been made in the past (although it's been a while and I am a bit too lazy to search for it) but was not implemented. If I remember correctly, the suggestion was that the more ice in the icebox, the slower the food would spoil. It would thus be a compromise between food spoiling time and storage capacity in the icebox.


However, adding ice in an icebox in reality would not make it colder, it would just add a cooling charge to the icebox to keep it at/below 0 degrees. Usually, the icebox should be cooler than 0degrees, meaning the ice is actually warming up the icebox.


Your fueling with ice thing is interesting, but I personally think it would apply best to the insulated pack (even though I personally see it as a portable icebox, considering it requires 3 gears to craft, which is much more than the actual icebox, but that is another topic).

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